Best Horse Riding Places In Nairobi

A posh horseback ride in Nairobi is a great way to experience the area’s stunning scenery, breathe in the clean air, and mingle with the people.
This list features the top facilities and programs for horseback riding excursions, tours, and lessons for both adults and kids. These stables provide lessons, opportunities to ride, and even escorted trots. The hosts are exceedingly well-trained, as are the horses.

Best Horse Riding Places In Nairobi include:

1.Achis Ranch & Horse Riding Club

About 1.5 kilometers from the Bomas of Kenya, on Mikinduri Road, Nairobi’s Achi’s Ranch and Horse Riding Club is located off Forest Edge Road on Mikinduri Lane. Beginner riding lessons are provided by this equestrian club. With the assistance of skilled, experienced horse trainers, horseback riding trips offered by Achi’s Ranch and the Horse Riding Club in Nairobi traverse the Ngong Forest, enabling tourists to see the majority of the forest’s species. To assure the safety of the activity and your safety, a trainer will lead the trip into the forest.

2. Xina Horse Riding School & Stables

Along Ridgeways Road in Kiambu is where you’ll find Xina Horse Riding and Stables. Anyone seeking a break from the city’s bustle would find this peaceful location ideal. Tuesday through Sunday, including federal holidays, the stables are open. Adults and kids can take lessons and go on excursions while riding horses. Along with lessons in horseback riding, they also provide instruction in specialized horse activities including polo, horse racing, dressage, and show jumping.
Additionally, Xina offers parents a place where their kids can be left unattended while they conduct errands. Parents are allowed to leave their kids alone for up to four hours while they take care of, groom, feed, and ride a horse.

3. New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables

The riding stables for the New Muthaiga Horse are situated at Manga Gardens, off Kirawa Road in Kitusuru. The stables offer horseback riding instruction for both adults and kids, as well as woodland rides through the Sigiria forest and a few more kid-friendly distractions: Ms Cat, Dora the Dog, a few chickens, rabbits, and liveries, as well as birthday parties and other functions pony rides.

4. Malo Stables Kenya

The Malo stables are situated in Nairobi’s Karen neighborhood. The first warm-blooded stud farm in Kenya, Malo Stables produces purebred sport horses with the greatest genetics from Germany, Denmark, and Holland. They provide expert instruction on well-educated horses that compete and win at national competitions. Additionally, they instruct suitable methods for the sports of eventing, show jumping, and dressage.
As you travel from Karen to Dagoretti Forest, take in the stunning views of the Ngong Hills. Both inexperienced and seasoned motorcyclists will enjoy this excursion. Routes change based on the season and the rider’s skill. When the ground allows, there are fantastic opportunities for lengthy trots and canters.

5. Waterfront Stables Horse Riding School

The Waterfront Stables is the only equestrian facility in East Africa that offers a top-notch horse riding experience in a convenient setting, and it is situated inside Karen’s The Waterfront Mall.
A range of riding programs are available at Waterfront Stables, starting with fundamentals like balance and horse control and progressing to more complex techniques for disciplines like dressage, show jumping, cross-country, Western (American) riding, and trail riding. They offer services for riders of all skill levels.

6. Hardy Stud Horse Riding

On a 10-acre plot of ground, it provides educational horseback riding lessons and is situated in the tranquil Karen neighborhood. Hardy Stud offers expert coaching on lovely ponies and horses that are safe and enjoyable to ride. Thanks to the large selection of horses and saddles, any rider of any skill level may be fit with the right instruction.
No matter your age, you can benefit from learning from knowledgeable and skilled trainers and caddies. Both adults and children like riding horses.

 7. Ngong Racecourse 

In close proximity to The Nairobi Business Park, The Lenana School, and the Ngong Forest along Ngong Road. One of the most stunning and challenging racetracks in the world is Ngong Racecourse, where horses are raced. The Jockey Club of Kenya oversees the racetrack. Stewards, certified handicappers, bookmaking, and tote facilities are provided at every race meeting, and they are all highly organized and supervised. Because of this, it’s an excellent location for horseback riding and watching horse racing.

8. Tigoni Horse Trails

In Limuru, not too far from Nairobi’s city center, you may find the Tigoni Horse Trail. Visit this top-notch, family-run horseback riding facility to experience the tranquil setting Tigoni has to offer. For both novice and experienced riders, they also provide private horseback riding lessons.

 9. Karen Riding Stables

The Karen Riding Stables can be found in Nairobi at 47 Marula Lane in Karen Karen. From Monday through Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm, they are open. With a variety of facilities available, it is a peaceful location to learn about horses. Instruction in all riding disciplines, such as jumping, dressage, racing, and polo.

10. Kitisuru Riding Stables

The Kitisuru Riding Stables may be found in Kitisuru, Kiambu, at Tate Close 4.4 B. The Stables is a kid- and family-friendly destination. They provide instruction and horseback riding excursions.

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