What activity can you do in Wasini Island?

Are you in the mood to do an extra activity other than relaxing while at Wasini Island? Yes! There are a variety of activities and tours both on land and at sea. All the land activities can be done without a guide. However, there is always a home guide available to provide additional information on the structural design, original plants and fauna, as well as to familiarize you to local tales and ethnicity. While at Wasini Island you can:

  • Enjoy Wasini Island tour with a visit to the coral garden Wasini Island and its boardwalk, local soccer clubs and many more facilities.
  • Visit Dolphin and snorkelling tours. This will be found at the Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park.
  • Dhow sailing tour in the area of Wasini with a high possibility of swimming in Wasini’s marine conservation area.
  • Trek for 2-3 hours across the Island to its southern coast, past the palm plantations and a tiny village for local fishermen.
  • Sail to Vanga, a short distance from the Tanzanian border. This takes a full day.
  • Take a boat tour from Wasini to Funzi Island which takes a full day.
  • For a full day, you can enjoy a fishing trip near Wasini. Bottom fishing and inshore hunting. This is fun for everyone.
  • What can be more exciting than deep sea fishing or trophy fishing? Tourists can get a full experience of this at the Pemba Channel with assistance from experts from a well-renowned fishing club.
  • Do not leave Wasini without visiting the Slaves caves in Shimoni followed by an educative nature walk through the forest. There is a high possibility of spotting Angolan black and white colobus monkeys. This activity takes 2 hours

Make your Island experience amazing and unforgettable

Wasini Island is like the final pearl in the tropical beach necklace that stretches south on the town of Mombasa. Wasini is located 76 km south from the Likoni ferry crossing. It has tiny faded alleyways, Swahili fishing vibe and mottled trees. The Island boasts 5 km in length. The Island is full of ingredients necessary to give you a perfect beach hideaway. Wasini Island gives you a sit under the mango tree and do nothing vibe. The coastline is filled pockets of white sand and Kisite Marine National Park, the most stunning swimming reef on the coast. Funny enough, it is the only place that does not have electricity, traveler’s cafes, hostels or cars. Make a plan and visit this gorgeous Island for an experience of a lifetime.

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