The Desert Museum

The Desert Museum, Loiyangalani, which has a view of the lovely Lake Turkana, popularly known as the “Jade Sea,” is perched on top of a hill and inaugurated in June 2008. It focuses on the daily lives of those who live in the eight nearby settlements. The eight communities are Turkana, El-Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Gabra, Watta, Borana, and Dassanach. The National Museums of Kenya made the decision to open a museum in the area in acknowledgment of the distinctive cultures in the area and in accordance with its duty to preserve and showcase Kenya’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

On the lake’s southeast shore is a little settlement called Loiyangalani. El Molos, a community that is almost extinct, are also located in Loiyangalani, which in Samburu means “a place of many trees”. The village, which is referred to as a “OASIS in the desert,” developed from a freshwater spring. It is gradually growing in popularity as a tourist destination due to its distinctive desert setting and the people of Lake Turkana’s rich cultural lifestyle. The town’s amenities include an airport, a post office, a fishing station, campgrounds, and resorts. The Lake Turkana Festival is a cultural event held yearly in Loiyangalani to commemorate the culture of this region and to encourage both local and international tourism. It is organized by the National Museums of Kenya in partnership with other partners.

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