Why you need a Travel Agency to plan your trip

When planning for a vacation or any other trip, the last thing one should do is worry. All you should do is plan about the new place you are about to visit. Every traveler is obviously trying to get the lowest rates for accommodation, Air tickets and rental cars. Here are the reasons why you should choose a travel agency to book all your holidays.

1. Accountability – Our job is to make sure everything about your trip goes as planned. They are to you, their client. And it is really nice to have us to speak to when things go sideways in the middle of your journey.

2. Knowledge – We have been doing the job for years and speak from experience. Is this your first time to plan a trip? How do you know where to go, or stay? Isn’t it a much better decision to speak to us who know better about these places?

3. Enjoy More for less – Do you have an unlimited income? Most travellers can’t afford to pay huge amounts of money but at the same time want to enjoy a lot. We can ensure that your travel dollars are well spent.

4. Setting an Itinerary – There are not many people who “wing-it” through everyday life, so why would you try that on a trip? Let us plan a concise schedule of what to do every day and keep clear records for you of what is included in your trip. And remember, a good agent knows not to schedule something every minute of the day.

5. Budgeting – How much does the trip cost? Are there hidden fees? Resort tax? Does the excursion include lunch? Should we purchase excursions in advance? Is all-inclusive a good deal? You may or may not know the answer to these questions but you can bet we do.

6. Insurance – We can offer insurance in a number of different ways to cover anything that could arise on your trip. At, CORAL SEA EXPEDITIONS, we ensure that you have the correct travel documents so that the ship doesn’t sail without you. When things go wrong, we have the resources and the contacts to get clients to the head of the line. Because when you’re stranded, the internet won’t call you back.

7. Resources – We have an amazing set of resources at our fingertips. Of course you too have the internet but how much time do you have to do the research?

8. Exclusivity – Want to be treated special? Maybe go to the head of the line? How about a seat upgrade on the plane? Would you like to book a room at that brand new hotel or have dinner reservations at a special restaurant? We know all the new destinations and new places in them. Through preferred partnerships, weare able to get freebies for our clients that range from a free drink, room upgrade, or an exclusive admission to a restaurant or show.

9. Time Savings – Tell us about yourself and what type of experience you are looking for. Your agent will put together an entire custom vacation for you. We spend hours and weeks researching our client’s perfect trips, why should you? Remember, this is what we do for a living.

10. Leverage – CORAL SEA EXPEDITIONS has spent years developing long-term relationships with our vendors and we understand how important repeat business is too them. Because of this, agents have leverage when it comes to getting what they want. And if you’ve ever tried to add a last minute addition to a trip and all the rooms are booked, you will have wished you had an agent.

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