Activities at Karura Forest

There are different activities that a visitor to Karura Forest can engage in. Karura Forest is a sizable urban forest with five public entrances. There are picturesque nature paths, historical monuments, caverns, marshlands, and well-kept bicycle tracks in this tranquil, secure area. These days, you may take eco-tours that come with a tour guide to help you get about the forest. You gain a greater grasp of the forest after the visit. All tourists are welcome to the Karura Forest as long as they appreciate Kenya’s pristine natural beauty and have a love for the outdoors.


In order to ride on the approved forest routes, visitors to Karura Forest can now rent a reliable multi-speed trail bike. Three bike rental locations are available: one on the KFEET grounds, which is best accessed through Gate A or Gate D; a second location off Kiambu Road at Gate C; and a third one off Thigiri Ridge Road at Gate F, which serves as the main entry to Sigiria gate. Please be ready to leave your ID with the bike shed personnel for safekeeping while you ride.

2. Trekking/Walking

Over 50 kilometers of paths can be found in Karura Forest. A new path is waiting for you each time you come. Because the paths are hillier than you might imagine and might be strenuous if you’re not wearing the right footwear, wear adequate walking shoes. Carry a lot of water and perhaps a banana or two

 3. Bird-Watching

Over 200 distinct bird species can be found in the Karura Forest. You can visit the best locations to see a variety of species on guided eco-tours.

4. Picnics

There are five places in the Karura Forest Reserve where you can have a picnic: close to the KFEET Centre, next to the Amani Garden, at the Ruaka Swamp, in Sigiria close to the Obstacle Course, and at the Karura Gardens on Kiambu Road. There is no need to reserve a picnic on weekdays, but on weekends, reservations must be made in advance at the FKF office.

5. Dog-Walking
The ambiance at Karura Forest is calm and relaxing, and there is a lot to explore there with your best friend. There are designated off-leash areas, yet the majority of the forest demands that your dog be on a leash. You must register your dog upon admission and acquire a Dog Tag Card for security and safety purposes. Again, the reserve’s dog policies are carefully enforced for the safety of everyone.

 6. Guided Tours (Eco-Tours)

Eco-tours are a fantastic choice if you want to find out more about the history of Karura Forest. There are a lot of places with interesting legends, such the Mau Mau caves, which were used as hiding places during Kenya’s independence struggle. Any gate can be used to reserve eco-tours.

7. Jogging

This is the place to go if you like to jog. As you exercise or walk across the area, interaction happens naturally. As you jog and work up a sweat for better health and a positive attitude, you will learn to enjoy nature more.

8. Tennis

Tennis courts at the KFEET Centre are accessible to Karura Forest visitors and are open everyday from 7 am to 5 pm. Both singles and doubles matches are allowed. On courts, tennis shoes should be worn on courts two and three. To avoid inconvenience, all reservations should be made at least one day in advance.

Other activities at Karura Forest include;

  • Tree-Planting
  • Just Sitting
  • Gathering in designated areas for any number of events: Educational tours, Concerts, Weddings, Team-Building, Exhibitions, Dog-training, Sports & Fitness
  • Horse-riding

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