Mount Suswa Conservancy

Mount Suswa Conservancy is a magnificent location where visitors may go trekking and caving. This extinct volcano has a remarkable buried “crater within a crater” and a distinctive double crater system. Ol Doinyo Nyokie (the red mountain), the inner volcano’s top, rises to 2,356 meters and offers a breathtaking vista. The inner crater is covered with pristine tropical forest, which is also the habitat of animals including baboons, buffaloes, antelopes, leopards, and hyenas. A sizable network of obsidian caverns on Mount Suswa is also available for exploration. These caves, made well-known by a BBC programme, are home to a ‘baboon parliament’ and tens of thousands of bats. This particular cave network is regarded as the most intricate braided lava tube network in the entire world.

The Masai community, who calls Mount Suswa home, is solely responsible for managing the Conservancy. This implies that all camping fees are used to preserve not only the park but also the way of life of individuals who reside there.

Activities at Mount Suswa Conservancy

Camping and hiking are popular activities at Mount Suswa. It is one of the few locations where you may find real, unadulterated adventures. It’s a good area for seclusion because there is no wifi and a weak cellphone network.

1. Stunning Hikes

As you climb around the crater’s rim, take in the breathtaking vistas. Choose from a variety of options:

  • climbing to various peaks near the crater
  • Exploring the crater on foot
  • There are options for all fitness levels
  • Visit the natural steam jets

2. Wild Camping

On Mount Suswa, camping is allowed and is genuinely “wild.” You will experience complete isolation whether you choose to sleep close to the caves where the “Baboon Parliament” is held or high above the volcano viewing the inner crater. You will witness a stunning night sky, as well as lovely sunrises and sunsets, in the absence of any lights on the entire horizon. The noises of leopards and wild dogs fighting in the distance have frequently awakened visitors up early in the morning.

3. Photography 

For taking pictures at Mount Suswa, the golden hours of sunrise and sunset offer the most stunning and dramatic lighting. Mount Suswa has served as the backdrop for some of Kenya’s most famous and stunning photos. If you wish to take pictures of extraordinary and magnificent scenery in addition to Kerio Valley, we suggest you pack your bags and go for a trip to Mount Suswa. 

4. Explore the lava caves

Discover the rich history and occupants of the extensive network of lava tube caves:

  • “Baboon Parliament” should be visited.
  • Explore our expansive bat colonies.
  • Observe exotic animals like hyrax
  • Discover the Masai’s holy cave rites.

 5. Experience the Masai Life

There is a friendly Masai community in Suswa. Look into Maasai culture:

  • Stays at a traditional farm for the night
  • Cow milking, Maasai songs, beadwork, and creating a traditional fire are examples of traditional activities.
  • Discover things like Massai marriages and lion killings.

6. Wildlife Watching

Several wildlife species, including Giraffes, Gazelles, Hyenas, and Leopards, call Mount Suswa Conservancy home. Some of these species are fairly simple to identify, particularly at night and in the evening. As a unique way to interact with and study nature, wildlife viewing can be immensely enjoyable and gratifying.

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