Best Beaches In Kenya

 Kenya has a long coastline along the Indian Ocean. As a result, Kenya is home to a number of incredible beaches. Below is a list of the best beaches found in the Kenyan coast;

10. Kilifi Beach

Kilifi Beach is a few kilometres north of Mombasa. A little coastal town called Kilifi has sugar sand beaches and a rich cultural heritage. On one side, lush vegetation surrounds the sandy beach, and on the other, the Indian Ocean’s crystal-clear seas are visible. Spend some time on the water by traveling in a dhow, a traditional boat from Kenya.

9. Bamburi Beach

Bamburi Beach, which can be found on Mombasa’s North Coast, is a fantastic beach getaway for those who wish to spend time in the sun and the water. A coral reef is located directly off the coast, making the area a fantastic location for those interested in snorkeling or scuba diving. By the coast, there is a ton of lodging, and this is definitely a top tourist spot in Kenya for a beach getaway

8. Manda Toto

Manda Toto, a small island, is located not far from Manda’s northeastern coast. You must travel there in a small boat from Lamu for around 40 minutes. There are several opportunities to snorkel and engage in some traditional hand line fishing along the route, which is how most guests arrive for a full-day excursion.

7. Nyali Beach

A fantastic beach called Nyali is at a short distance from Mombasa. Nyali is a great day trip location because it is so close to the city. Yet, it’s also the ideal getaway location for a beach vacation because of the abundance of hotels located directly on the coast. Nyali is one of the best locations in Kenya to try surfing because it is rarely crowded.

6. Shanzu Beach

The beach known as Shanzu is located off the Mombasa-Malindi Highway. The sand is white and speckled with coconut palm trees, and the water is clean and cooling. You won’t have any trouble locating nearby lodging or a restaurant where you can savor mouthwatering seafood each day because Shanzu Beach is home to a lot of hotels and resorts.

5. Tiwi Beach

Tiwi Beach is located on Mombasa’s South Coast. From Mombasa, you can travel there via ferry, which is a pleasant kind of transportation. Despite being a small, uncrowded beach, there are many things to do there. The little tidal pools that are visible at low tide are noteworthy. The fish in the pools are stuck there until the tide changes you find one and settle in.

4. Malindi Beach

For a variety of reasons, Malindi is a well-known tourist attraction in Kenya. First of all, it is the location of Vasco de Gama’s final African landing. It is now one of Kenya’s most popular beach locations, offering a fantastic temperature, breathtaking vistas, and a variety of fantastic hotels close to the water.

3. Lamu Beach

The island of Lamu is located just off the Kenyan coast. The preferred mode of transportation for visitors to this location is a donkey, and it is entirely pedestrian friendly. In a dhow boat, you can explore some of the island’s beautiful beaches. Dhow tours play a significant role in the local economy. Once you’re back on solid ground, head to Shela Beach on Lamu’s northern side. A short distance from the town of Lamu, and the coastline is made up of shells and sand.

2. Watamu Beach

Watamu is a lovely coastal village in Kenya that is widely recognized for its immaculate white sand. This area is excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving because it is a part of the Watamu National Marine Park. The coral reefs support a variety of vibrant marine life and aid in the creation of breaks for surfers. You may stroll for miles out into the shallow sea when the tide recedes.

1. Diani Beach

Diani Beach is Kenya’s most visited beach by far, according to annual tourist counts. Diani, which is only one mile south of Tiwi Beach and has a wealth of facilities and infrastructure, is easily reached from Mombasa. Off the coast, there is a beautiful coral reef with lots of shade provided by the groves of palm trees and underwater sandbars.

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