Best Shooting Ranges In Kenya

Below are the best shooting ranges in Kenya. Visitors seeking a variety of experiences, such as amazing wildlife, magnificent scenery, and unforgettable cultural encounters, should choose Kenya as a stunning location.In this post, we’ve identified some of the best shooting ranges in Kenya that are both risky and secure for prospective gunners wishing to hone their craft. With their serene settings and controlled environs, shooting range facilities in Kenya offer a singular experience. They also offer an exhilarating experience that tourists would not anticipate while exploring the countryside.

1. Kenya Regiment Rifle Club, Langata

Only shooting range available to non-gun owners in Kenya. At the Sailing Club in Langata, there is a shooting range called the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club. The KRRC, which was established in 1952, was a trailblazer in introducing shooting as a sport in Kenya. They currently participate in all ISSF and Fullbore competitions, and they hope to establish the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) as a new sport that can grow in this country. They include berms up to 600 yards away, as well as a variety of stages with short-range and long-range targets, depending on your degree of shooting proficiency—from novice to experienced shooters.Given its location near major suburban homes near its perimeter walls, this facility offers all required range services while adhering to strict safety regulations. Beginners can familiarize themselves with basic weapons-handling skills before joining covenants or even participating in competitions organized here occasionally by professional marksmen worldwide.

2. Shooting Range in Kirigiti, Kiambu

The Gitata Farm in Kiambu County is home to the Kirigiti shooting range. For licensed gun owners in Kenya, the Kirigiti shooting range in Kiambu serves as a real-world shootout. You are right to assume that this place serves as a venue for both competition and training. The Kirigiti shooting range attempts to better train shooters for on-the-ground events that happen periodically all over the world. Simply said, this is the ideal training facility for licensed gun owners who wish to improve their shooting abilities. You must submit an application to the Kenya Firearms Licensing Authority for a license and list the kind of weapon you want to register or get a permission for. Shooting can be a hobby or a means of self-defense. Shooting is a great stress reliever, as was already mentioned.

3. Nanyuki Sports Club

The Nanyuki Sports Club was founded in 1921 and is renowned for its top-notch golf course, sporting amenities, fine cuisine, and hospitable reception accorded to each visitor. They have fine-tuned across terrain curves shooting venues dedicated solely to armed sports purposes learning institutes across the region annually attending seminars educative workshops happy welcoming beginners intermediate turning end hosting promised camps fellows, colleagues, and friends curiosity. If you want to have a memorable outdoor shooting experience, go to the Nanyuki Sports Club.

4. Ammodump, Kwenia Shooting Range, Magadi

The production of top-notch shooting equipment is Ammodump Limited’s primary goal. They have one of the most remarkable ranges with strong anti-violation regulations, and they are situated in Westlands, Nairobi. Additionally, they have the Ammodump Kwenia shooting range, a more recent range located about 100 kilometers outside of Nairobi. They worked together with the Kenya Sport Shooting Federation (KSSF) to organize a shooting outing with equipped ranges of 50, 100, 200, 300, and 600 meters. It is also a member of numerous firearms organizations, including 5.11 Tactical and Benelli, making it a perfect location for operating under set parameters and satisfying standards for international standard shooting.

5. Kedong Shooting Range

Kedong Firing Ground is located in Kedong Ranch, Naivasha Moi’s Southern Lake. It features a 30-bay range, a shooting house, a 1.5-kilometre range, and an 800-meter range. The five-story firing tower is the best institute for team building and tactical education in a variety of disciplines. Kedong Shooting Range is easily accessible from towns such as Naivasha or Karai via the Moi South Lake Road, making it an ideal destination for skeet shooters from all over central Kenya who want to hone their skills without having to travel too far out of town. Thus drastically reducing their budget expenditures, let alone receiving certified guidance from experienced professionals on hand using their convenient setup ranges available across outdoor areas including mountainside hiking chapters finished off grandly after a good hard day aiming away your bullets up straight into sky skyrocketing down onto designated clay pigeons accordingly.

6. Bamburi Rifle Club (BRC)

The Bamburi Rifle Club (BRC), which operates out of four locations, has been around for more than 48 years. For target shooting aficionados who follow the safety guidelines set forth by the Bamburi Rifle Club, they offer some of the greatest facilities. The area is moderately priced and has lots of open fields for shooting at targets. Their members represent various facets of society, with the bulk representing Mombasa’s social elite. All employees at BRC are authorized private gun owners. They routinely host internal shooting events as well as national tournaments in partnership with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), as their range is the only authorized outdoor shooting range in Mombasa County.

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