Picnic Sites In Nairobi National Park

Picnic sites in Nairobi National Park are listed below. The Nairobi National Park is only a short drive from Nairobi’s downtown. A great diversity of fauna can be seen in the open grasslands with the city skyscrapers in the background and the scattered acacia bush.

1.Ivory Burning Site & Picnic Area

The area is just inside the main Langata Road gate of Nairobi National Park. At the Ivory Memorial Burning Site, there are three ash heaps. Here, in 1989, Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi made a spectacular signal to poachers by burning fire to 11 tonnes of confiscated ivory. This is one of the most important conservation achievements. The incident enhanced Kenya’s conservation reputation at a time when the wildlife of East Africa was being systematically destroyed by poaching, and it is widely credited with turning the tide against poaching in Kenya. Five tons of ivory were burned in 2011 by President Kibaki. While President Uhuru Kenyatta presided over the burning of 100 tonnes of ivory at the same location in 2016, which was the equivalent of 6000 elephants’ tusks, or 5% of global ivory stocks. The location is ideal for picnics and other outdoor events.

2. Hippo Pool Picnic Site

The park’s Hippo Pool is a lovely setting close to the Rongai River and Maasai Gate. The Hippo Pool has a hiking track. The Bangathi River can be hiked along by customers once they exit from their safari vehicles. Approximately 2.5 kilometers make up the course. However, views of sizable crocodiles, hippos, and several bird species are frequent. The Masai Gate also sells trinkets and bracelets.

3. Impala Observation Point & Picnic Site

Only a few minutes from the main gate, the picnic place at Impala Viewpoint is located high on a hill. It has a picnic area (with restrooms) and a stone-built rondavel with panoramic views. The elevated picnic location for impalas offers the best view. From its highest point, it offers the best view of Nairobi National Park and Nairobi City. You can organize a party for your friends and family  and bring your grill, favorite foods, and beverages.

4. Mokoiyet Picnic Site

The Mbagathi River Gorge in Nairobi National Park is bordered by a sizable grassland atop a cliff. There are benches and tables in this beautiful picnic spot. The Mokoiyet Picnic Site is a lovely picnic location with benches and tables. Restrooms, a sizable parking lot, and thatched huts with shade are also present. Additionally, Mokoiyet Picnic Site has breathtaking views of the Gorges and Bangathi River, which are home to Rock Hyrax. Go on picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor gatherings; take food and cooking supplies with you. You can go game viewing and bird watching at the location.

5. Kingfisher Picnic Site 

In the expansive plains of Nairobi National Park’s southwest corner sits the Kingfisher picnic area. In the rainy season, the Kingfisher picnic area in Nairobi National Park has a lush lawn. There are seating areas, fire pits, and two bandas in the picnic area, which is a great open location. Camping, exchanging birthday cakes, outdoor photography, and barbecues are all great activities to do there. You must, however, have the ingredients for cooking. Additionally, the property has two restrooms, a sink, and a tap. There is also a small parking area by the road. The Kingfisher picnic location is renowned for its early breakfasts and views of wildlife approaching the surrounding river to drink.

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