Wild Waters In Mombasa

Nyali, Mombasa is where Wild Waters is located. It is directly across from Nyali Golf Club and next to Mamba Village. It is thought to be Kenya’s biggest water park.
Experience the lovely seaside sunshine at Wild Waters, the only family entertainment center of its kind in Kenya. The park offers a whole day of family-friendly entertainment; whether you want to relax and float down the lazy river or take an exhilarating plunge down the waterslides, there is something for everyone.

The Activities

There are both wet and dry rides at Wild Waters. All ages can enjoy the rides, which range from brief thrill rides to lengthy ones. The slides at Wild Water are its best feature. The slides come in a variety of designs, but they always culminate with a tremendous splash at the pool.

Slide in complete darkness while moving quickly and bending to make the descent into the landing pool exhilarating. one of the most beloved by the public.

2. Harakiri and Multine
Four slides connected next to each other, Multine and Harakiri, are highly well-liked by families and groups. It makes it possible for a family or group to descend together. The user descends the slide while using a thin sliding mat and the moving water. This is the crowd favorite, with many guests attempting to get to the landing pool as quickly and as far as possible.

3. Flume Bowl
Given that the pool is five feet deep, this slide is for adults who can swim well. The excitement is being dropped into the middle of a pool after spinning in a bowl and sliding down a tube.

4. Lazy River
A gigantic 270-meter-long lazy river that circles the entire park has been added to Wild Waters’ slide amenities. While enjoying the stunning sunshine the Coast has to offer and the activity all around you, unwind on one of their tubes and let the river leisurely transport you around the park.

5. Water Play Station 
Kids will love playing here for hours as they climb up and down and enjoy the water shooting at them from all sides. The play station contains a sizable bucket that, when filled, tilts mechanically to spray the kids with copious amounts of water. Kids adore this place.

6.  RainDance Area
The dancers’ favorite location is the RainDance Area. Customers can dance to the music in the Raindance Arena while being cooled off by artificial rain, which is truly unique to Wild Waters.

7. Kids Pool
Five slides total, including a scaled-down version of connected slides, round tube slides, and open slides, all of which descend into the children’s pool from the exquisitely crafted Castle House.

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