Interesting Facts About Mombasa

Mombasa is the oldest and second-largest city in Kenya, behind Nairobi. With a 2000-year history, the heritage of the Arabs, Indians, Europeans, and Africans makes it a lovely tourist destination. Both domestic and foreign visitors swarm to the city, which overlooks the Indian Ocean, to enjoy the sun and sand at the award-winning beaches and hotels.

Here are some of the interesting facts about the city;

1. One of the Naturally Deepest Harbors is Kilindini Harbour. 

Kilindini Harbour, the focal point of the Port of Mombasa in Kenya, was officially opened in 1896. It is the largest port in east Africa and the sole international seaport in Kenya. The archaic Swahili word ‘kilindini’ means ‘depth. It is a sizable, naturally occurring, well-established harbor. Together with cargo ships, all cruise ships anchor here when they arrive. Kenya, as well as nations in East and Central Africa, depend on this port for import and export.

2.Old Town’s Elephant Tusks were constructed for Princess Margaret of England.

The enormous aluminum elephant tusks that span the length of Moi Avenue in Old Town’s Mombasa, Kenya, are well-known. These tusks are not merely ornamental. They had been built to honor Princess Margaret’s visit to Kenya in 1956 when Kenya was still a part of the British Empire. 

3. The historic capital of Kenya
Today Kenya’s capital is Nairobi, although Mombasa was previously the nation’s most influential city. Mombasa served as Kenya’s Protectorate capital from 1887 to 1906. In the future, the capital was relocated for medical concerns. Since that time, Nairobi has served as Kenya’s capital.

4.Not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fort Jesus


The Portuguese erected Fort Jesus in Mombasa between 1593 and 1596, using Italian architect Giovanni Battista Cairati’s plans. It was vital in nine conflicts between states over control of Kenya’s coast, including those between Oman, England, and Portugal. Mombasa, in Kenya, was referred to as the “Island of War” during those bloody years of fighting. It is now a museum after being named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

5.Long ago, a Large Trade Center
A significant trading center for gold, ivory, coconuts, sesame, and numerous spices once existed in Mombasa, Kenya. The city’s trade activities linked Europe, India, and China. Because of the quantity of commodities passing through, the city began to produce many of the goods on its own.

7. Slave Trade Center
Throughout a sizable chunk of its history, the city served as one of the primary ports for the slave trade. This was in full bloom for a very long period before fading away in the middle of the 19th century. As a reminder of the trade, shackles are still evident around the city. There is remains a bell that was previously used to warn residents about slave ships.

8. One of the World’s Finest Beaches: Diani Beach

The most luxurious hotels and resorts on the island may be found in Mombasa, which is located in Kenya. The Diani beach offers breathtaking views of the sun setting, surfing in the crystal-clear waters, expansive palm trees, and gorgeous coral reefs.

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