Things To Do In Watamu

Watamu is a lovely tiny village on Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast. The town has enough to interest everyone with reef-protected lagoons, immaculate white-sand beaches, and a variety of tourist attractions and ecological activities.
A wonderful vacation in Watamu might involve everything from a day at the beach to scuba diving, extreme sports, or simply perusing the local seafood restaurants. Here are some things to do in Watamu if you’re considering Kenya for your next vacation.

1.Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is possible in Watamu on the Kenyan coast, just as in the movies! The Watamu Marine Park and Reserve is an excellent location to participate in this hobby. Visitors who want to see or swim with dolphins can do so with Tribe Water Sports’ dolphin cruises. It is an all-around enjoyable experience, and they provide advice on how to go about it and when to do it.

2. Sunset Cruise at Mida Creek

The Mida Creek, which runs from the coast into the Arabuko Sokoke forest, is a large, broad-water creek flanked by mangroves and palm trees. Although you should explore the creek by boat, you can also paddleboard through it. The finest method to amaze you is to take a voyage around the creek at sunset. Your sundowner drink at hand, the sunset painting the water golden and a bird-filled sky is what romantic evenings are made of.

3. Deep Sea Fishing

Watamu is a hotspot for deep sea fishing and a favorite destination for anglers due to the abundance of bait, easily spotted predator fish, and steep oceanic topography. The ILLTA World Championships are one of the tournaments that Watamu hosts because it is such an intriguing pastime. For these activities, fully outfitted charter boats are available, and experts are on hand to provide advice and direction.

4. Visiting Gedi Ruins

The Gedi Ruins are a historical location that is thought to be the remains of a deserted city that was tucked away by a tropical forest close to the Indian Ocean. Additionally, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the history of this abandoned Swahili village, which included stone homes, a large mosque, and a magnificent palace in the 13th century.

5. Visiting Local Ocean Trust

This Watamu-based trust with a conservationist focus is concerned with protecting distinctive marine habitats, endangered marine species, and marine turtles in particular. You may get a glimpse of the anti-poaching patrols, nest preservation efforts, and turtle monitoring they carry out by visiting this trust. The only marine turtle rehabilitation center in East Africa is also located there.

6. Visiting Bio-Ken Snake Farm

In this reptile research facility, which also happens to house the largest collection of snakes in the region of East Africa, reptile fans will feel perfectly at home. With the help of their knowledgeable snake farm professionals, you may tour the farm and discover more about these reptiles and their behaviors. They also provide anti-venom services and snakebite treatment.

7. Horse Riding

Imagine this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride a horse while admiring the Watamu sun rising or setting over a sandy beach and crystal-clear waters. It truly is magical!

8. Scuba Diving

For those who prefer to participate in water activities, Watamu is essentially a haven. During tides, there are roughly twenty diving locations that are suitable for all divers, whether experienced or not. After you’ve finished watching the turtles and different fish species, you can continue to explore beyond the coral reef and, if you’re lucky, get a glimpse of dolphins.

9. Relaxing at the Watamu Beach

Watamu truly is a paradise that never ends. The Watamu beach is known for its opulent beach resorts and is unspoiled and unpolluted. There are many beach bars and restaurants where you may savor tasty Swahili cuisine and some palm wine. The waves are clear, turquoise, and lovely.

10. Get Wild at the Arabuko Sokoke Forest

The greatest coastal forest still standing in Eastern Africa can be found in Watamu. There are some of Kenya’s rarest creatures there, including the Clarke’s duiker, the golden-rumped elephant shrew, and the Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose. In addition to the mammalian and plant species, there are over 270 different bird and butterfly species, making it a haven for bird enthusiasts. Additionally, you can go on hikes, bike rides, and nature excursions.

11. Go for Snorkeling

The snorkeling conditions in the Watamu Marine Park are outstanding. The lowest tides are the ideal time to witness this. Throughout the central portion of the park, there is a network of buoys where boats can tie up while tourists snorkel. To be seen from underwater beautiful coral reefs and a wide variety of fish species are present.

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