Tandem Sky Diving In Diani

Tandem skydiving enables you to enjoy the exhilaration of free fall and a breathtaking canopy flight over the coastline without any training.

Before you are prepared to take on the skies at 12,000 feet, one of our instructors will give you a brief introduction to the sport of skydiving. After getting ready, you join the aircraft for a 15-minute scenic flight, during which you may take in the breathtaking scenery as you soar above the ground. You will be safely fastened to the front of your instructor as you move near the escape point, and you will then begin moving toward the plane’s doorway. Your pulse will be pumping with excitement as you hang your feet outside the airplane and look down at the earth  over 3,600 meters below as the wind is roaring.

Ready… Set… And Go!!!

As you free fall toward the earth, reaching terminal velocity at about 200 km/h, you may anticipate a powerful rush. Don’t forget to smile for the camera during these 55 seconds of sheer exhilaration!

Your main parachute opens at a height of roughly 5000 feet, allowing you to recover your breath and take in the breathtaking 5-minute canopy journey back to the ground.
Nothing on earth compares to this experience, so don’t hesitate and reserve your skydiving now through coral sea expeditions.
Take more than just memories with you after your skydive.

In Diani Sky Diving Every Jump is a Beach Jump!!

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