You may be a first time traveller or regular. These tips will help you have a safe and successful travel experience and avoid mistakes that can ruin your trip! With a little prior planning, it’s easy to avoid some of the most common mistakes travellers make.

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1. lack of budgeting /unrealistic budgeting

An unrealistic budget is a set up for disappointment. Rounding prices down and ignoring expenses like taxes may happen subconsciously, but lack of budgeting? Expecting luxury at a bargain price but ending up roughing is not fun at all.  Whatever class of traveller you are you should plan a realistic budget.

Budgeting will save you a lot of tussle. It helps you control your spending, track your expenses, and save more money.


We often see travelers at the airport with loads of bags that some of them are unable to carry. Airlines lose over 20 million checked bags annualy. it is important to come up with a packing list and carry what you only need.You can always buy a clean t-shirt and some flip flops if your checked bag goes missing. Overpacking in general will weigh you down ,slow you down and leave you with way too much stuff to keep track of. 

3. Underpacking

Lack of prior planning or having a packing list will lead to underpacking.Take your time to know the place you’re travelling to so as to know the type of clothes, and other neccessities that may be needed.Some travellers will leave the most important things and go out suffering eg if you know you are travelling to a sunny place, carry sunscreen,water bottle and a lot of very light clothes, bikinis etc

4. Changing currency at expensive places

Do your research on where they exchange currency and compare the rates they change with. As a traveller the least you can do is care for your money as it sort of will determine the kind of experience you will get during your tour.

5.Not Grabbing Some Local Currency at the Airport

As soon as you leave the airport, you’ll need local currency to take public transportation or cab rides in many countries. Taking out money from the airport’s ATMs gives you better exchange rates, so get what you need there, and maybe a little extra for emergencies.

6.Allowing the mistakes you’ve made ruin your trip

Man is to error. Dont dwell on your mistakes instead of having a good time.When a mistake happens, it’s best to get over it. The joy of travel is not in necessarily doing it right — it’s having fun with the process of it, being wonderstruck with a wider world, laughing through the mistakes and learning from them along the way.

happy travellers

If you would like to share your experiences or your own travel tips, we would love to hear from you. Just submit your comments below.

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