In the history of world cup,this will be the first time portable stadiums will be can host upto 80,000.

A total of eight stadiums spread across five different Qatari cities will host 32 teams in 64 matches during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

You may not want to miss this amazing opportunity.Here are a few steps to help with your travelling;

qatar stadium world cup 2022

1.Apply for a Hayya Card

Should happen between 1 November 2022 and 22 December 2022.. This is a form of Fan ID, which you will need to be able to enter the country during the tournament period. There will be no issuing of standard visas for Qatar during this time,for a fee, ticket holders can use their Hayya Card to bring in three friends or relatives who don’t hold tickets.

2.Define Your Priorities

Know your priorities so as to plan your stay.Is Watching a specific team? Attending any game? How long are you planning to stay

 3. Book Accommodations

Getting accomodation during this time may be a bit of a challenge so make sure you make early bookings.

4.Know the laws and customs of the country

Qatari laws and customs have serious penalties if not followed to the latter.

There will be no selling of alcohol in the eight stadiums, but there will be beer stands around the venues open until 30 minutes before each game and for one hour after. In the main FIFA fan zone, beer stands will open at 6.30pm. Different opening rules will apply in other private fan zones.

There are codes of dress and behaviour in Qatar. Visitors are expected to cover their shoulders and knees when visiting public places like museums and other government buildings. Fans attending World Cup matches should be aware that the removal of shirts inside stadiums is not permitted. 

other laws

  • Avoid PDA,public displays of affection. Any intimacy between persons in public can lead to offence, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or intent.
  • It’s an offence to use obscene language or make obscene gestures.
  • Although homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, authorities have publicly stated that there will be no restrictions of non-married friends or couples (including LGBTQ community) staying in the same room.

Photographing local people in Qatar, especially women, is illegal without consent. Make sure you seek permission before doing so.

5. Experience the Trip of a Lifetime

Attending the World Cup is one of the best life experiences.You will create lifelong memories and friends from all over the world.It is an awesome sight to behold just how a game can unite strangers.Where else can you hangout with a Belgian government worker and discuss politics, literally rub shoulders with natives from Angola and Jamaica at the exact time and be hazed by English fans – all in the same day? The answer is nowhere.

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