Mama Ngina Waterfront

Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, formerly known as “Mama Ngina Drive Park,” is a 26-acre waterfront area that has recently been transformed into a contemporary public leisure area with a number of extra amenities. It became Kenya’s first shoreline with a planted area.

After the successful implementation of the Mombasa County government’s plans in collaboration with the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism to give the landmark facility a new facelift, Mama Ngina Drive Park was renovated and reopened to the public in October 2019. The region was formerly a bay area for observing that rose from a modest cliff overlooking the Likoni channel and served as a spot for relaxing resting, running, cycling, and walking.

A palm tree-lined boardwalk currently runs along the beachfront from the Mombasa Golf Club in the north to the Likoni Ferry Crossing in the south. These two locations, which are identified by enormous, imposing gates, serve as the park’s entrance and exit points. Additionally, the waterfront now features a natural amphitheater, a cultural hub, a 2.1 km long promenade, and a location for food vendors. The waterfront is now family-friendly thanks to the new rail guards along the walkway, and families can now enjoy the fresh wind at the Waterfront while watching the ships sail across the canal into the port.

Mama Ngina Waterfront Activities

1.Strolling and Sightseeing

The park is a fantastic location to unwind and simply relax away from the Mombasa Island heat. One may observe ships sailing into and out of Mombasa Port and docking at Kilindini Harbour from the park’s panoramic picturesque vista of the Indian Ocean. During low tide, one can even descend the bluff and explore the sea. The park also gives visitors the chance to view indigenous flora and animals, such as the rare grey heron bird and the endangered baobab trees, some of which are 400 years old.

2. Outdoor Fitness

The park has wide areas that are ideal for outdoor physical activity. You can enjoy the tranquil surroundings while jogging, running, or doing yoga.

3. Picnicking

There are dedicated picnic sites in the park where you may unwind and eat a meal with loved ones. You have the option of bringing your own refreshments or buying them from neighboring food vendors.

4. Children’s Play Area

Children’s play areas are specifically designated in Mama Ngina Waterfront Park. Kids may have fun and expend some energy on the various playground equipment, including swings, slides, and climbing frames.

5. Cultural Events and Performances

Concerts, live shows, and cultural events are periodically held in the park. Watch for any scheduled events because they offer a chance to take in the local dance, music, and entertainment.

6. Boat Rides

From the park’s jetty, you can take a boat excursion to explore the Indian Ocean. Boat operators provide a variety of rides, including quick excursions along the coastline or longer excursions to nearby islands like Fort Jesus or Mombasa Marine National Park.

7. Water Sports

You may try water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, or jet skiing if you’re looking for some adventure. At Mama Ngina Waterfront Park, you may participate in these exhilarating water activities and rent equipment nearby.

8. Relaxing by the Fountain

At the park’s spectacular water feature, you may unwind while listening to the tranquil sound of running water. It offers a peaceful location to relax and get away from the bustle of the city.

 9. Food and Refreshments

Family outings have always been popular at the Mama Ngina Waterfront, where local small-scale vendors sell seaside foods every day of the year. It is well-known for its fried cassava, which is served with a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of hot masala, its freshly fried cassava crisps, referred to as Kachiri in the local dialect, a variety of fried potatoes, pastries, sweet and savory treats, chicken and fish snacks, and the renowned Mkate wa mayai (a pan-fried snack with a thin dough crust filled with minced meat, onion rings, and eggs).

There is an unending variety of food available, and madafu, which is fresh coconut water from immature coconuts rather than juice, is always available to wash it all down. Fear not, because these treats are available all year round.

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