The Butterfly Pavilion in Mombasa

The Butterfly Pavilion also commonly known as Bamburi Nature Trails is part of the Haller Park conservation effort by the Bamburi Cement Factory Mombasa. The pavilion is a tropical haven where diverse antelope and more than 16 different types of butterflies can be found. The nearly 80 acres of lush green terrain where the nature paths are located are home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. Bamburi Nature Trails offers plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re a fan of nature, an adventurer, or just searching for a quiet getaway.

The trails themselves are well-kept and provide a variety of courses, from short, easy strolls to longer, harder hikes. Towering trees, colorful flowers, and chirping birds will surround you as you navigate the courses, adding to the tranquil ambience of the park. Along with the paths, there are a few picnic spots where you can stop and have a snack or a meal, as well as a lake that is home to a variety of fish and ducks.
Despite the absence of major predators, you will still have the chance to witness a variety of other animals, such as monkeys, bush babies, and more than 140 different species of birds. Several plant species, many of which are native to Kenya and can only be found in this region can be found in the park.

The Butterfly Pavilion Activities

The following are some of the activities available at the Butterfly Pavilion in Mombasa:

  • Visit the pavilion on an educational tour where you can see a variety of butterflies and discover their fascinating intricacies. There are several species of butterflies.
  • Visit Haller Park in the neighborhood on a guided tour. Tens of animals saved by Haller Park Conservation are housed in Haller Park.
  • Learn about numerous insect species by taking a tour of the exhibit on insects.
  • You can stroll over to the park’s reptile area to see the crocodiles, tortoises, and snakes there.
  • Take some time to stroll through the botanical gardens and discover the various kinds of plants that can be found there.

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