Lake Nakuru National Park

One of the saltwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley of eastern Africa, Lake Nakuru National Park is situated in west-central Kenya.

Facts about the park

A Haven of Flamingoes

More than a million flamingos can be found in the Lake Nakuru National Park, which is home to both the lesser and greater flamingo species. The lesser flamingos are smaller and have a lighter shade of pink than the greater flamingos, which are both taller.

The Big Five

Four of the Big Five (lions, rhinoceros, buffaloes, and leopards) can be found in Lake Nakuru National Park, which also has giraffes, hippos, warthogs, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, colobus monkeys, and other animals.

Birds Species

Lake Nakuru National park hosts over 500 bird species, the soda lake is a birding hotspot and supports a lot of birdlife rather than the flamingos in the park, other bird species includes the large flocks of pelicans, Abyssinian thrush, Arrow-marked babbler, Bateleur, Nakuru is also one of the best places in Kenya to see the long-tailed widowbird, there is a good variety of the raptors including the Verreaux’s and the long-crested eagle.

Fencing of the Park

A 3 meter tall parallel wire electric barrier surrounds the 183 km2 Lake Nakuru National Park. The barrier has an additional woven wire mesh extending 1 meter into the ground along some sections, especially those that border the rapidly expanding city of Nakuru, to prevent wildlife from digging a way out.

The Rhino Sanctuary

The largest population of black rhinos in Kenya presently resides in the Rhino Sanctuary in Lake Nakuru National Park, which was the country’s first rhino sanctuary. The first two rhinos were brought to the grounds of Lake National Park in 1984, leading to the establishment of the rhino sanctuary. The Kenyan government launched an effort to address the catastrophic decline of the endangered rhino species that was occurring in the wild throughout Kenya by creating the rhino sanctuary in Lake Nakuru National Park.

The Climate

The weather in Lake Nakuru is mild and steady all year long. Although it is much colder at night, daytime temperatures in the mid to high twenties are pleasant. Early morning game excursions require warm clothing. Most humid months are April and May. The rest of the year is relatively dry with some rain throughout.

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