On a safari, safety is of the utmost importance. A safari can be tremendously fascinating While being in the African jungle but some animals might be dangerous. While some creatures, such as giraffes and elephants, may appear charming, take caution. Keep a close eye out for elephants, lions, buffaloes, hippos, and crocodiles in particular.
On an African safari, remember the following general guidelines:

 Stay in your car all the time. Observe the posted guidelines.

Neither rise up nor protrude anything from the car. Open-topped safari vehicles are common. Some animals become agitated if you stand up or wave something around to the side.

Never observe an animal up close. If you do, you should be aware of its actions and leave the area as soon as it begins to act irritated. It is impossible to predict when an animal will decide to cross a road in the middle of it. Keep in mind that if this happens, you must stop.

Maintain the windows closed. It is preferable to keep the windows closed in a moving vehicle.

Be downwind of the animals if you’re on a walking safari to prevent them from smelling you. Create a silent escape path if the animals you are approaching appear aggressive. You might also take your time leaving so as not to make matters worse.

Move slowly away. If you come across a creature that doesn’t appreciate your presence, retreat gently and silently.

Unless you are very certain there are no hippos or crocodiles, avoid swimming in rivers or lakes.

Walking through the wilderness requires wearing boots and socks at all times. You could get bitten by one of the many poisonous snakes and scorpions that reside in the area.

Avoid going outside at night if you know there is wildlife nearby that could be dangerous to you.

Do not leave your tent at night. Call the security if you need assistance.

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