It was during his first official trip to Kenya that South African President Cyril Ramaphosa , removed visa requirements for Kenyans travelling to the southern Africa nation for up to 90 days of the annual calendar. Meaning that you can use the 90 days cumulatively or separately. It will be effective starting the first of January 2023. South Africans already get free visas on arrival in Kenya, while Kenyans are charged and required to provide proof of sufficient funds and return flight tickets. The presidents of the both countries have resolved this long-standing visa dispute and Kenyans will be now be able to visit South Africa visa-free.

President Ruto said they had also agreed on a return policy when immigration laws and policies are breached as to help ensure “bad elements” that try to infiltrate the states‘ borders are dealt with by the policies.

Kenya and South Africa are among the strongest economies on the African continent. “Kenya and South Africa are strategic allies with shared interests to build stronger socio-economic ties,” Ruto stated. President Ramaphosa, in the earlier held meeting affirmed that the two countries will continue working together to strengthen their relations. The presidents also signed four instruments of cooperation to enhance relations between Kenya and South Africa. They include three Memoranda of Understanding and one agreement on cooperation in the fields of correctional service, cooperation in the fields of housing and human settlement, cooperation between the Kenya School of Government and the National School of Government from South Africa and the agreement of audio-visual co-production

These Presidents praised the Ethiopia peace agreement signed last week in South Africa and brokered by the African Union.

The two Presidents discussed issues to do with trade, to promote and enhance importation and exportation.

“President Ramaphosa and I have also agreed to develop a sustainable mechanism to identify, monitor and resolve non-tariff barriers that limit the trade potential between our two countries,” Kenyan President, William Samoei Ruto said.

president Ramaphosa and President Ruto during their meeting that was held in State House

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