Kongo River, is a 45 km long river, that drains into the ocean during low tides and the ocean drains into it during hightide seasons,it however defies gravity by going upwards extending into the shimba Hills. The scenery is a home for birds, fish, mangrove forest and baobab tress found on it’s banks. The river separates 2 villages ,Diani on the left and Tiwi on the right.

kongo River canoe boat

This river has been famously known to be tourist attraction site for local and international tourists. The banks are suitable for picnics and bonfires,only if the persons involved don’t make noise for the birds and the fish ,as the place is very quiet and peaceful.

Only canoes and Kayaks can go into the river as they are not noisy. A true manifest of the childhood song ,’row row row your boat, gently down the stream.’ Motor boats and dhows will disturb the peace of the birds and the fish hence not allowed

kongo river sundowner

Some meters from the estuary, on the river banks exists a cave that is considered sacred by the community. In the olden days, old men used to go in the caves to pray and make sacrifices for the rains rain, barren women would also go in the cave to ask for kids and single people for spouses. We also have a community mosque for the locals that is called the Kongo Mosque that is also a tourist attraction site.

kongo River Estuary where the ocean meets the river

The river has also been famous to hold sundowner excursions in partnership with Coral Sea Expeditions where they go down the river chasing the sunset every evening. Just like love at first sight, this experience is unforgettable. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. With amazing baobab trees and traditional beach restaurants This is a wonderful place to visit and relax. Be sure to contact Coral Sea Expeditions to make this possible for you!

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