Burudani Adventure Park Activities

A delightful natural setting surrounds the outdoor leisure facility known as Burudani Adventure Park. The park provides a serene and beautiful setting where one may appreciate nature and breathe in fresh air away from the city. Remember to pack a sweatshirt because it gets chilly in Limuru. As a result of the nature of the activities, it is best to dress comfortably. Ideally, activewear and gym clothes.

Approximately an hour’s drive from the heart of Nairobi is where you’ll find Burudani Adventure Park in the Mabrouke neighborhood of Tigoni, Limuru. One must leave the main road when they get close to Burudani Adventure Park and go for around 800 meters on a murram road before reaching their destination. Although the final 800 meters can be dangerous, a 2WD will get you there.

Public transit makes it simple to get to the Park as well. Alight at citizen booster, mabrouke, after taking a matatu to Nazareth Hospital. After that, you can get on a boda boda and travel straight to the Park. For those without private transportation, you can also take a cab because Google Maps’ directions are usually very precise.

Activities in the Burudani Adventure Park
A “one-stop entertainment place,” Burudani Adventure Park offers a variety of thrilling activities, including:
Sky Biking
High Ropes Ziplining (beginner and advanced level)
team building
treasure hunting
nature hikes
tea picking
Crate tower structure
Jenga and checkers are two examples of indoor games.

After using up all your energy on the activities, you may dine and unwind in the on-site restaurant. The personnel and teachers are courteous and kind, and the food is first-rate. The only drawbacks are that there aren’t many activities for very small children and that it can occasionally be rather windy.

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