Picnic Areas in Nairobi

There are few places in or near the Nairobi City where one can visit for a picnic that is to relax and enjoy nature and they may include;

1. Evergreen

On Kiambu Road, around 500 meters to the left of the Northern Bypass overpass, is where you’ll find The Evergreen Park. A picnic would be wonderful to have here. With options like boating, horseback riding, and camel riding, among others, you will be spoiled for choice. The Evergreen Park offers a calm and beautiful environment perfect for photo shoots that are Instagram-worthy, plus there is a man-made dam that gives you the nicest natural winds. There is space for your children to play as well as a bounce house if you bring them. While you spend time with them, this will keep them occupied and content.

2. Waterfalls inn Tigoni

The Waterfalls Inn picnic area is situated in Kiambu County’s Tigoni, Limuru. The picnic site, a modest 1960 building perched on a hill with a view of Nairobi’s skyline beyond the tea plantations and a lovely waterfall, is a location worth seeing. The stunning 18-meter Tigoni Waterfall, located in a rich green riverine forest, is reached after a brief journey through eucalyptus trees. You must pay corkage fees if you plan to bring your own beverages

3. Lang’ata Botanical Gardens

Less than 20 minutes from the Karen Shopping Centre and about 20 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district are the magnificent Langata Botanical Gardens. You can’t help but fall in love with this place’s beauty and tranquility. The therapeutic atmosphere of Langata Botanical Gardens makes it the perfect place for inspiration, celebration, recreation, and relaxation. Numerous native trees, expansive, lovely lawns, and a lagoon with a diverse array of fish may all be found there. You’ll have enough privacy to catch up with your companion while unwinding in nature because the location is encircled by bandas that are separated from one another by lush foliage.

4. Karura Forest

On the outskirts of Nairobi, there is an urban highland forest called the Karura Forest. There are numerous gates located all across the city that provide entrance to the forest, which is rather big. There are picturesque nature paths, historical monuments, caverns, marshlands, and well-kept bicycle tracks in this tranquil, secure area. You can take eco-tours with a tour guide to assist you in navigating the forest. You gain a greater grasp of the forest after the visit.

A natural lake, waterfalls, and caverns are additional features that make stunning photo backgrounds. There are many lovely places to have a picnic in Karura, but having a picnic on the river’s rocks while facing the falls is like something out of a picture.

5. Paradise Lost

Paradise lost is an expansive picnic gem located in Nairobi. It is a few kilometres away from the city on Kiambu road and has many attractions such as caves, waterfalls, boat rides, camel rides, and horseback riding. A nature trail also leads away from the boats and towards the caves and falls. The falls are high up, so the impact is loud, and there is a cool breeze gently blowing over the area. There are large rocks all around where you can take photos of the falls and scenery.

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