Best archery places in Nairobi

Best archery places in Nairobi are listed below. A bow and arrow are used to shoot arrows in the sport of archery. Bow and arrow shooting is enjoyable, especially when you are competing with friends or a romantic partner.
There are several health advantages to archery. The top benefit is that it enhances balance and hand-eye coordination while carrying out various tasks.

The best locations for learning the fundamentals of archery are in Nairobi.

1.Nairobi Archery Club, Karen

The Nairobi Archery Club range, which includes field targets and 3D animal targets, is situated in the tranquil Nairobi Mamba Village in Karen. Every weekend, the facility is open from 10 am to 6 pm. A group of friends established the modest nonprofit Nairobi Archery Club in the beginning of 2015. NAC has swiftly grown to be a well-liked weekend destination for both experienced archers and newcomers because it offers the community the benefits of archery at a cheap price while fostering a connection between individuals from all walks of life. They may design a comprehensive experience to satiate every sort of archer—compound and recurve alike—with the range sighted to both yards and meters. Training classes are available to everyone over the age of eight inclusive of equipment and an instructor.

 2. Achi’s Ranch, Karen

In Nairobi’s Karen neighborhood sits Achi’s Ranch. It is available every day. Archery will set you back Kshs 1500 for 30 minutes. The Ranch is a beautiful location that also provides activities including horseback riding, quad biking, cycling, nature hikes, photography, video filming, and camping.

3. The Forest, Kereita

Kimende town contains Kereita, which is a part of the greater Aberdare Ranges environment. Just one hour separates it from Nairobi’s downtown. From Thursday through Sunday, it is open from 8.30 am until 5.30 pm. The Forest is the ideal location for anyone looking to try archery for the first time or for experienced archers looking to improve their abilities. You are given a bow and arrows and receive instruction for the entire session that you have paid for.
The Forest’s rich plants make it a wonderful spot to unwind as well. You might choose to go on nature hikes or bring a picnic basket for a get-together with friends.

4. Kompass, Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills has Kompass. Through Ngong town, it takes just one hour to get to Nairobi. In addition to archery, they also provide paintball, zip line, biking, picnics, hiking, and photography. Additionally, there is a bar and a restaurant.

5. Strathmore University, Ole Sangale Road

At Strathmore University, the Kenya Association of Archery is headquartered. The organization’s main duty is to encourage archery as a sport in Kenya. It also suggests obtaining a bow and arrows for those wishing to practice with them at the Strathmore University facilities.

6. The Last Village, Machakos County

The final village resort is located 33 kilometers from Nairobi in Lukenya, Athi River, in a picturesque location with a fascinating view of the plains and surrounding range of hills. At this location, you can appreciate the serenity and space, the vastness and majesty of nature. Whether you are a novice or expert archer, the final village offers you an experience that is virtually unattainable anywhere. While staying at the resort, you may also go swimming, quad-biking, zip-lining, cycling, and many other things.

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