Watamu Marine National Park

The Watamu Marine National Park is situated along Kenya’s central coast. It is just 140 kilometers north of Mombasa. A submerged haven of corals, fish, and other aquatic marine life is represented by the Watamu Marine National Park.
The coral reef is made up of various mollusks and crustaceans as well as 110 different varieties of stony coral. The park received certification as a United Nations Global Biosphere Reserve and a biosphere reserve due to the variety of marine life there. Almost 500 different fish species can be found in the 150 different hard and soft coral types that make up the coral reef. There are almost 1,000 different fish species in the nearby sea environment.

The Attractions in this park include:

A home of the green turtles

Gede Ruins

Unique coral gardens

Butterfly spotting at The Arabuko Sokoke Forest

Mida Creek

Dolphin Spotting

The marine park activities include:


Glass bottom boat rides



Water Skiing

Wind Surfing

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