The Nairobi Railway Museum

The Nairobi Railway Museum is a treasure mine of colonial and post-independence East African artifacts and is situated next to the Nairobi Railway Station. The history of the nation’s rail system is the main subject of this museum. Nairobi was initially a rail depot, as was previously mentioned.
The Museum was established in 1971, and Mr. Fred Jordan, its first curator, who had worked for East African railroads since 1927, deserves a large portion of the credit. He recognized the urgency of maintaining as many connections to the past as possible when he realized how quickly changes were occurring within the railway system. He started collecting the things that would eventually make up the core of the current museum’s fascinating and expanding collection. Kenya Railway Museum is owned by Kenya Railways and is the only Railway Museum in East and Central Africa.

The Museum, located in the former East African Railway offices, is home to an interesting collection of artifacts, model trains, and other displays that highlight the building of railroads. You can also get a chance to ride on a number of steam and early diesel locomotives that were once a part of the Kenya-Uganda Railway in the museum yard. Look for one of these locomotives that contains the “Tsavo man-eaters” tale. The carriage that these animals dragged a British superintendent from is on display in this museum.

Location of the Nairobi Railway Museum.
From the Nairobi CBD, just stroll. To go to the Nairobi Railway Museum, you have to travel around 1.7 kilometers. Take Moi Avenue down to Afya Center, then left onto Haile Selassie Avenue at the roundabout to reach Kenya Poly (TUK), then continue straight into Station Road to reach the Nairobi Railway Museum.

Opening time for the Nairobi Railway Museum.
It is open every day, including national holidays, from 8 am to 5 pm.

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