The Nairobi Arboretum

The Nairobi Arboretum is a woodland oasis close to the city’s center, located in the Kilimani neighborhood about 3 kilometers from the city center and next to the State House. The Kirichwa Kubwa River, Arboretum Drive, and Kenya Girl Guide Headquarters are its external boundaries. It is one of the few surviving green areas in Nairobi.

The Arboretum is a fantastic picnic location because it has picnic tables, natural trails, exotic plants and trees, and enough room for a big group to have fun. More than 350 native and exotic tree species, over 100 resident and migratory bird species, numerous vervet and syke’s monkeys that can be seen jumping and playing from one tree to another tree, and a wide variety of insects, reptiles, and small mammals can all be seen while taking a nature walk in the park. Along with being a very popular location for a wide range of events like weddings, concerts, team-building exercises, and corporate parties, the Arboretum Park also offers isolated areas for couples to share intimate moments.

Activities in Nairobi Arboretum.

In addition, it is a well-liked destination for city dwellers seeking peace, tranquility, long walks, picnics, or time alone with God. The park’s center lawn is frequently visited by large groups on the weekends for team-building exercises and sports, while couples enjoy taking romantic strolls around its quiet areas. The Arboretum’s wooded pathways are a favorite spot for runners to jog. Nairobi Arboretum’s most well-liked activities include:

  • Cricket
  • Photoshoots
  • workshops, corporate training, and team building
  • team exercises
  • Gospel choirs, prayer circles, and other religious pursuits
  • Concerts
  • Yoga
  •  Workout
  • Boot camps for exercise
  • jogging
  • Picnic

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