Rapids Camp Sagana is found on Makutano Sagana Road in Riandira. It is the top rafting destination and team-building location in Kenya. It is quite simple to visit due to its close vicinity to the metropolis of Nairobi and the Thika Super highway. The camp is adjacent to Thangazi Village and the Sagana River. The camp has 450 meters of river frontage and Kenya’s biggest waterfall in terms of volume.
The Camp’s entrance gave very little away about the activities that take place there, but as soon as you cross a wooden bridge above some waterfalls, a rush of enthusiasm and vigor suddenly overtakes you at the sound of the water below. White rivers rolled sharply on the numerous cliffs along its path, which was amazing and rushed through the stony riverbed.

Rapid Camp Sagana Activities

1.Waterfall Challenge

Attempting to raft behind the gushing waterfall is the thrilling aspect of this endeavor. No matter how well-coordinated the team, it is nearly difficult for any raft to get past the splashes due to the intensity of the falling and splashing water. The thrilling part of trying to follow the rapid is realizing how difficult it is to do so. However, it is supposedly feasible during the dry seasons when water levels are low.

2. River Surfing

This more laid-back exercise involved a little surf on the calmer sections of the river. For those who are less daring and just want to surf and take in the beautiful environment, we advise river surfing.

3. Zip Lining

One of Kenya’s most incredible zip lines crosses Rapids Falls at Rapids Camp. The Zipline is one of a kind in Kenya because it is 250 meters long and has 110 meters above the river. You need not look much farther if you want a zipline that is unique.

4. White Water Rafting

This is by far the most well-liked water activity at Rapids Camp. In essence, you are rafting downriver. Ropes are fastened to the raft so that passengers can grab on to them as they approach sections of the river that have abrupt descents and obstacles. The laughter was heightened by the screams and cries as unexpected turns came behind corners. Upon reaching the stiller sections of the river, a group of rafters experience a moment of pride.They then perform the traditional gesture of lifting their paddles with pride and satisfaction before breaking into victory songs.

5. White Water Kayaking

One-man kayaks at Rapids Camp Sagana enclose you inside a pod as you paddle down the raging river; for some reason, you feel like the kayaks are a bit “safer” than the rafts, but strangely it is so difficult to stay put inside the pod.

 6. Star Gazing

Visitors who come to stay at Rapids Camp Sagana are offered the star-gazing activity, as this is a unique outdoor experience. Where the tourists explore the universe through the beautiful night skies and in the camp guests have an experience more background information on the stars they can be seen during the night.

7. Bungee Jumping

Rapids Camp Sagana offers visitors bungee jumping activities taking place on the banks of the Tana River. The stage for bungee jumping is a 60-meter-high steel tower, where you climb the pinnacle to bounce off.

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