OL Donyo Sabuk National Park

OL Donyo Sabuk National Park is a little national park in Kenya also known as Mount Kilimambogo National Park. The park is 25 kilometers from Thika Town and 85 kilometers from the heart of Nairobi. The park, which has a footprint of roughly 20 square kilometers, gets its name from Mount Kilimambogo, one of the park’s most notable features.

Mount Kilimambogo, an extinct volcano that rises to a height of 2,145 meters, is the focus of the park. Visitors have the option of trekking and climbing the peak. With a variety of landscapes including forests, savannahs, and rocky hills, the Park is renowned for its picturesque splendor. The park offers breathtaking views of Nairobi and the surrounding countryside. Despite being a tiny park, OL Donyo Sabuk National Park is home to over 45 different kinds of birds, buffalo, baboons, colobus monkeys, bushbucks, impalas, duikers, leopards, pythons, aardvarks, porcupines, mongooses, and monitor lizards.

The park also includes a few historical locations, such as the burial and former residence of Lord William Macmillan, a pioneering Kenyan conservationist who was born in Scotland. Visitors can explore these locations and discover the historical significance of the park. Hiking, nature hikes, birdwatching, and picnicking are all common pastimes at the Park. Visitors can explore a number of routes in the park, including the one that leads to Mount Kilimambogo’s top.

It is crucial to abide by the park’s rules and regulations, stick to the approved trails, and take safety precautions when visiting the Park. Additionally, it is advised to include water, snacks, sunscreen, and suitable attire and footwear for outdoor activities.

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