Mombasa Marine National Park

Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve is a maritime park and national reserve in Mombasa, Kenya. The reserve covers 200 square kilometers compared to the park’s 10 square kilometers.
It is a popular park with many activities, including boat rides, fishing for fun, windsurfing, water skiing, and watching various species on land and underwater. It is situated on the coast close to tourist destinations. It is the Kenyan marine park that receives the most visitors. In its waters are coral reefs. Many marine species, including crabs, starfish, stonefish, cucumbers, sea urchins, coral, turtles, sea grasses, and migratory birds like crab plovers, can be found in the reserve.


There are numerous seabirds in sizable nesting colonies, as well as considerable populations of the crab plover and roseate tern on a global scale.

Marine algae and sea grasses

aquatic life
sea urchins, jellyfish, sea stars, crabs, coral, and sea cucumbers.
Acropora, Turbinaria, and Porites are a few of the several coral species.

Mombasa Marine National Park activities
Visitors can take advantage of the warm sun and the refreshing ocean breeze on the sand beaches that line the Indian Ocean.

Windsurfing and water skiing

The ideal location for water sports is there as well. The park provides wind surfing and water skiing on the calm seas of the Indian Ocean. The waves and wind that are present on the sea help with these processes.

Viewing of marine life
One of the great attractions of Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve is seeing marine life.


In the Mombasa Marine National Park, snorkeling entails taking a glass-bottom boat out into the Indian Ocean to view the marine life there. You will have the opportunity to witness aquatic species such as lion fish, sea cucumbers, sea horses, urchins, and multicolored angel fish.

Boat Riding

Boat trips in Mombasa Marine National Park provide the most breathtaking, never-ending vistas of the calm, blue ocean waters. Also, you’ll have an opportunity to capture the most breathtaking and unforgettable images.


Here, scuba diving is a year-round sport, largely due to the interior lagoon’s protected, peaceful surroundings. There is no need for wetsuits because the water is an astounding 25-31°C/77-87.8°F and the fact that it is within shallow waters allows for spectacular underwater life with breathtaking colors of the marine life. Open to all level of divers, night dives can also be arranged

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