Lake Elementaita Wildlife Sanctuary

Lake Elementaita Wildlife Sanctuary is located around 10 kilometers from Gilgil Town in Nakuru County. A salty soda lake named Lake Elementaita can be found in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, around 120 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. Between Lake Nakuru in the south and Lake Naivasha in the north, it is located. The Soysambu Conservancy and Lake Elementaita are both a part of the Lake Elementaita Conservation Area.

The Maasai word “muteita,” which means “dust place,” is used to identify the lake. In 1999, the region surrounding Lake Elementaita was recognized as an Important Bird Area (IBA), a location of significant global importance for the conservation of birds and biodiversity. In 2005, the lake was named a Ramsar site (a wetlands of international significance). It was designated a National Wildlife Sanctuary in 2010 and included on UNESCO’s list of Kenya Lakes System in the Great Rift Valley World Heritage Sites in 2011 along with Lakes Nakuru and Bogoria.

A variety of ecosystems, including acacia forests, grasslands, and rocky cliffs, surround Lake Elementaita. These habitats sustain a variety of wildlife species. The flamingo population of Lake Elementaita is one of its key draws. Along the lake’s beaches, these lovely birds congregate in enormous numbers, producing an amazing pink spectacle. The flamingo population has been on the decline recently due to changes in water levels and other environmental variables. Pelicans, herons, and numerous migratory birds are among the many bird species that call Lake Elementaita home, in addition to flamingos. It also supports a variety of species, including gazelles, warthogs, giraffes, and zebras. As a result of the lake’s high concentration of salt and alkaline environment, it supports growth of algae and other microorganisms.

There are options for outdoor activities and visual splendor around the lake and its surrounds. In the neighboring Soysambu Conservancy, visitors can take part in bird watching, outdoor hikes, and wildlife drives. Along with the picturesque Kikopey hot springs, Hyrax Hill, and the Kariandusi site, visitors may also discover a few motels and campsites near the lake that offer lodging and amenities to travelers.

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