Kenyan E-Passport Application Process 2023

This article examines the application process for a Kenyan e-passport. Using an E-Citizen account has made applying for a Kenyan e-passport incredibly simple and convenient. Information on the passport bearer is kept on an electronic chip within the e-passport. The chip enables quicker clearance at entry and departure points.

So don’t let waiting hinder your desire to travel. Here is a simple and efficient method for obtaining a Kenyan e-passport.

How To Apply For An E-Passport In Kenya.

  • Create an account with E-Citizen.
  • Apply online by filling out the form.
  • Upload and submit the necessary documents.
  • Pay the required amount. Depending on the amount of pages, begins at KES 4550.
  • Schedule a submission and biometrics appointment.
  • Attend your appointment for biometrics as you wait for your passport.

You will require the following during the Submission:

  • A pre-filled passport application form from E-Citizen, together with three receipts.
  • Original and replica birth certificates.
  • Original and a copy of your national identification card.
  • A total of three recent passport-size pictures.
  • A copy of the recommender’s ID card.
  • Letter of consent for children. (Under 18 years of age)
  • Old passport if you are replacing.
  • Copies and original  parents’ national ID cards.

The following Kenyan passport fees are applicable:

  • 32 Pages – KES 4550
  • 48 pages – KES 6050
  • 64 Pages – KES 7550
  • East African Passport – KES 990
  • Diplomatic passport (48 pages) – KES 7550
  • Mutilated Passport – KES 10,050
  • Lost Passport KES – 12,050

It should take at least 15 working days after your application has been physically submitted at the immigration offices for you to obtain your first passport.

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