Best Paintball Locations in Kenya

The goal of paintball is to knock out or eliminate your opponent by hitting a ball with paint that is fired with a paintball marker. A unique, non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble paint is used to make paintballs. The game has numerous variations, all of which are exciting and interesting. “Capture the flag” is the game that is played most frequently. Teams compete in this game by attempting to capture a flag and carry it unharmed to the opponent’s base. The best and most reasonably priced paintballing locations in Kenya are listed below.

1.The Forest, Kereita

Kimende town is where Kereita is situated. Just one hour separates it from Nairobi’s downtown. The forest’s ambiance includes everything from deep woodlands to wide-open expanses to view spots, giving you the possibility to encounter scenarios that will send thrills racing through you as you compete to succeed. One of the most thrilling activities at The Forest is dodging exploding paintballs. To participate, choose your team, outfit yourself, and get ready. Make your reservation far enough in advance to enjoy the paintballing.

 2. Paintball fury, Waterfront

In Nairobi’s Waterfront Mall Karen, you can find Paintball Fury Waterfront. The paintball field is peacefully positioned adjacent to a man-made lake with ducks and other tranquil animals. It’s a beautiful setting and a lot of fun, especially if you attend with a group. The firearms and safety equipment are high-quality. As they assist you in getting ready and getting ready for the game, the crew is welcoming and helpful. It’s a fantastic setting for teambuilding.

3. GP Karting, Langata

Just past Carnivore grounds on Langata Road is where you’ll find GP Karting. It is simple to get to using public transportation. The facility is open every holiday from 9 am to 6 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. At this location, they will outfit you in safety suits, face masks, markers, and the all-important paintballs.

 4. Chaka Ranch, Nyeri

In Kiganjo, Nyeri County, there is a recreational area called Chaka Ranch Leisure Park. The Chaka Ranch Leisure Park is a stunning and secluded paradise for outdoor lovers, open every day of the week, including public holidays, and approximately two hours from Nairobi City Centre. The Chaka Ranch Leisure Park is a unique outdoor entertainment facility with the largest and most varied selection of quad bikes and buggies in Kenya. The facility is placed on a large expanse between the spectacular vistas of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountain Range.

5. Mombasa GO-Kart

Just 1.5 kilometers after the hotel Whitesands and just opposite to the Petrocity station, on the Mombasa-Malindi Road in Mombasa North Coast, is where you’ll find Mombasa Go-Kart. A big garden with a children’s play area and a family-friendly restaurant are both features of the Mombasa Go-Kart.

6. Two Rivers Mall

Nairobi’s Limuru Road is where Two Rivers Mall is situated. The Two Rivers Mall is a well-designed shopping center with fantastic stores and eateries. In addition, there is a lovely water park where kids and families may enjoy the water attractions. The arena at Two Rivers Mall is a one-stop shop for exciting games including paintball, VR, quadbike rides, archery, and many other electric activities.

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