Women,natural travellers to men

Women travels seem to have increased with the discovery, conquest, exploration and colonisation of other continents when women accompanied their menfolk. Records show that, for centuries, women also travelled solo [12] for pleasure, studies and explorations – with enormous luggage and servants – to exciting destinations, many of which are inaccessible to the modern traveller. It is not known what advice was given to historical female travellers, but in 1889 a book with hints for the lady traveller catered for the growing number of women.

What more evidence could we need with leading travel influencers being women, most travel vlogs on you tube are by women, so many uncountable occassions.

women travelling

Travel is expensive, and women have historically earned less than men. But that is changing. Women are moving into well-paid professions, while 60% of U.S. college students are female. Women hold 60% of the wealth in the U.S. They represent 54% of travelers with annual incomes over $250,000, according to MMGY Global. Women outlive men and often use inherited wealth for retirement travel. Women also tend to carefully plan and save for vacations.

Research shows women’s travel from three different but interconnected aspects. First, it discusses medical and health issues relating to those standards and offers corresponding practical suggestions. It then moves on to the increasingly important topic of safety and security including recent developments in cybercrime. Finally, no comprehensive contemporary exploration of travel aspects is complete without the application of mindful and responsible travel behaviour, here specifically of women, to minimise harm to fellow humans and the natural environment.

The following discussion applies to women travelling solo, in pairs or groups, with men.So what gives? Do men prefer staying home playing video games while women plane their world explorations?For the future, the question for the travel industry is not whether women are the real travelers, but what is stopping men from catching up with them.

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