Kenya is known for its wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and delicious food. The dishes are diverse and are a mix of ethnicity and tradition, here are some of the top delicacies.

1.Ugali and Nyama choma

Nyama choma which is roasted meat, is one of Kenya’s most beloved dishes. It is usually served with kachumbari salad and ugali. You eat it with your hands. Only salt and pepper are used to season this dish. It’s one dish that should be purchased from a Kenyan street vendor in order to enjoy it to the fullest.Ugali is a Kenyan staple. It’s a dish made of maize flour, though it’s sometimes made of millet or sorghum flour. It’s made by adding the maize flour to boiling water until you get a dough-like consistency. It’s a bodybuilding food and a good source of iron


Mutura is sausage that is made up of fresh blood and meat. Certain spices and ingredients, like ginger, scallions, garlic, and red or green chillies, are added to it. The cooked meat and blood mixture is then stuffed into a already cleaned large or small intestine of a cow or goat, and then it’s grilled. It is usually eaten as an appetizer, and some people enjoy it with beer.


These are soft and layered flat breads that are eaten in many East African homes. It is very light and is eaten with tea, beef stew, or beans. I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that Kenyan chapatis are one of the best chapatis you will ever eat.


Pilau is one a popular Kenyan dish as well. It is served at almost all social gatherings. It is rice cooked in a flavored broth with meat, chicken, or vegetables.

5. Tusker Beer

One of the most popular drinks in Kenya, it has a refreshing taste. Kenya’s hot climate gives you ample reason to try this beverage.

6.Mahindi Choma

Roasted maize is found on nearly every street corner. It’s very delicious and, at the same time, affordable. It is roasted over charcoal, and once ready, the hot roasted maize is rubbed with lemon and chili salt. You cannot resist buying one of these when in Kenya.

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