Zip Lining Locations In Kenya

Anyone seeking excitement will love the exhilarating zip line exercise. It lowers blood pressure, which helps to maintain a healthy heart. You must cross this off your bucket list.
You must dress adequately before participating in this activity. Wear comfortable shoes and a pair of pants. It is recommended that you wear pants to help with harness strapping.

Below is a list of the best zip-lining locations in Kenya.

1. Kompass, Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills has Kompass. Through Ngong town, it takes just one hour to get to Nairobi. Their zip line spans the vast Ngong forest for around 250 meters, which is not as long as the Kereita one. In addition to zip lining, they also provide paintball, archery, biking, picnics, hiking, and photography. Additionally, there is a bar and a restaurant.

2. The Forest, Kereita

Kimende town is where Kereita is situated. Just one hour separates it from Nairobi’s downtown. The Forest offers almost 2.2km of flying across the lush Kereita forest on the longest zip line in East Africa and Kenya. This features six zip lines, the longest of which is 430 meters. The finest place to go for the ultimate zip-lining experience is undoubtedly here. Other activities like mountain biking, archery, paintball, camping, nature walks, and team building are also ideal there.

3. Paradise Lost, Kiambu

Kiambu Town is the home of Paradise Lost. Nairobi’s main center may be reached in under 20 minutes. A beautiful tourist destination in Kenya, Paradise Lost Resort is an oasis in the middle of a coffee estate. You can enjoy zip lining here across the artificial dam on their two zip lines which are about 650 metres long.

4. Machakos Peoples Park

Kenya also has a ziplining site at Machakos People’s Park. Only an hour separates it from Nairobi. With the zip-lining wires stretched 30 feet above the earth, Machakos People’s Park and its surroundings are perfectly visible from above. In addition, a variety of sports, including picnics, biking, boating, archery, photography, and riding horses and camels, are ideal in the park.

5. Bofa Beach Resort, Kilifi

In Kenya’s Kilifi, an hour’s drive north of Mombasa, is the Bofa Beach Resort. On the second row, tucked away in the peaceful vacation district of Bofa Beach, Kilifi. The idyllic Bofa Beach Resort is located on the mysterious Kenyan coast. They are the first company in the coastal area to offer zip lining, and they also provide ropes course challenges.

6. Rapid Camp, Sagana

The Tana River is what makes Sagana renowned. The perfect destination for adrenaline junkies is The Rapid Camp, Sagana. from bungee jumping to rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, diving, and abseiling. From Nairobi, it takes roughly 1.5 hours. One of Kenya’s most incredible ziplines crosses the Rapids Falls at Rapids Camp. The Zipline is one of a kind in Kenya because it is 250 meters long and has 110 meters above the river.

7. The Dam RedHill, Limuru

A bit after Ndenderu & Ruaka, on the outskirts of Nairobi, is where you’ll find The Dam RedHill. The Dam RedHill is serene and lovely, gazing out over the vast, lush Limuru Tea Farms. They provide fishing, boat riding, zip lining, picnic and camping areas, horseback riding, and a kids’ park. The zip line on RedHill, which is the first in Kenya built in 2016, offers an exciting experience across their man-made dam. It is shorter than normal zip lines but is worth every adrenaline-pumping thrill.

8. Camp Dunda Falls, Sagana

Camp Dunda Falls is roughly a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Nairobi in Embu County, near the Embu-Meru route. Its activities include, among others, bush trekking, canopy walks, nature walks, hiking, picnics, and bird viewing. Camping, sharing meals, mountain biking, zip lining, and archery are all available upon request and need to be scheduled in advance. They feature two 250-meter-long zip lines. The Rupingazi River and the forest are crossed during the zip lining. You have the opportunity to confront your worries here and come out alive.

9. Last Village Resort, Athi River

The Last Village Resort is located in Lukenya, Athi River, in a picturesque location with a captivating view of the plains and surrounding range of hills. Here, you experience a sense of silence and space, the vastness and majesty of nature. Activities to do while at the lodge include Swimming, quad biking, zip-lining, cycling, and many more.

10. Nguge Hill Lounge, Siaya

Nguge Hill Lounge is nestled on the slopes of Nguge Hills and located on the outskirts of the city of Kisumu and in a valley in the Gem countryside is perhaps Western Kenya’s best-kept secret. This lodge boasts the first adventure park in Western Kenya. Here you can experience zipline, ropes courses, archery, climbing walls and hiking.

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