The whale shark spotting season runs from January to the middle of March every year

Are you in Diani and you need some serious adventure like never before; the whale shark spotting season is here and now its the time to go and chill with the big boys.

The 2023 season should be AMAZING with record sightings started as early as October 2022!
You increase your chances of snorkeling with these gentle giants as never before by using a combination of spotter airplanes, which may fly up to 4 hours every day.
The whale- watching excursion takes place from January to the middle of March.
The whale shark sighting excursion in 2023 will emphasize photo identification because each shark has a distinctive spot pattern that, like a person’s fingerprint, may be used to determine the individual’s length, gender, and estimate.
Aerial photos from the plane will be mixed with experienced underwater photographers and videographers to capture the participants swimming with the largest fish in the world.

While the spotter planes are doing turtle counts to gather information for future use, snorkeling is also available with marine species such as dolphins and manta rays that have been sighted.
Speedboats are used, and each boat has a knowledgeable skipper and PADI Dive Master who will lead you and make sure the rules are followed. These rules include not touching the sharks, not using flash photography, and always keeping at least three meters between you and them.
Note: If you are found touching a shark, you will be fined $100 and will not be allowed to participate again.

This adventure is for anyone in the Kenyan coast and would like to have fun that is; one is ready to go out there and try something new and thrilling and feel the adrenaline rush course through the body.

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