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Just like art, music and sleep, travelling has been found to be a form of therapy especially for mental health issues. Travel Therapy has been found to be very efficient to cope with mental health problems. Collective case study shows that most of the problems we face begin from our minds as it drives our thoughts, words and our actions. Travelling hence becomes therapeutic as it breaks the monotony. We submit our brains to the same patterns every day and there is nothing to trigger our inner muse. Our brains are enclosed in a box of thoughts such that there is no room for creativity or broadening our horizons. Travel therapy curbs the unawareness of global and cultural influence hence lack of perspective. Travel therapy helps reduce levels of dementia, stress anxiety and depression that arise daily in this busy world. Different forms of therapy come up daily e.g. music therapy, art therapy, exercise therapy, sleep therapy etc.

travelling is therapeutic

Travelling becomes therapy in the sense of freeing your mind from the everyday cycle of life that comes along with its troubles and issues.  Monotony comes along with its negative effects e.g. burnout and major stress which lead to alcoholism, compulsive gambling and drug addiction, According to scientists all these result to poor performance ,low quality of work and will definitely affect your morale whether is school, work and daily life.

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There’s only so much travel therapy can do for your soul and body.

      1. Helps lower the stress hormone, Cortisol increases production of dopamine, the joy hormone. A happy soul is a happy body.

  2. Low stress levels reduces signs of depression and anxiety hence peace of mind, the wealthiest thing to possess is peace of mind.

 3. Expounds your mind to new ideas, creative thoughts, meditation helps clear your mind

4. Speeds up the healing process of the mind. We all know that time heals all wounds but travelling will speed up the process, as it frees your mind from all thought making hence you live in the present and focus your mind to the future

5. Strengthens your heart. Researchers found that men who skip to take annual vacation have a 30 percent chance of suffering a heart attack

evening dinner as an example of travel therpy

Dr Jun wen, a lecturer in tourism and service marketing at Edith Cowan Uni school of business and law, in his research projects found that travelling boosts physical and psychological wellbeing. He adds, ‘it’s a good time to identify the place of Tourism in public health. We are the beneficiaries of this unique form of therapy.

Life is short, and the world? Wide, so you better get started. The next time you feel like things are heavy, take a step back and pack those bags. You deserve to behold amazing sights, smell fresh air, chase sunsets and break the monotony. As you take care of your body, don’t forget to take care of your mind too.

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