The Top 5 Fun Things To Do While In Diani Beach, Kenya.

19 kilometers south of Mombasa, on the Kenyan coast, is Diani Beach. The breathtaking beach is around ten kilometers long, and the seas are shallow close to the shore.
Diani may be reached via direct flights from Wilson Airport or Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi thanks to the airstrip there. For the third consecutive year, Diani Beach was chosen as Africa’s top beach destination in 2017.
The top 5 activities to do in Diani, Kenya, while on vacation at the beach will be covered in this post.

1.Diani Beach offers scuba diving, snorkeling, and boat cruises.

You can go on boat cruises, go snorkeling, or go scuba diving at Diani Beach to learn more about the abundance and diversity of marine life there.

Not only are these some of the most enjoyable,activities in Diani, but also they provide a forum to interact closely with marine life.

2.Exhibits at the Diani Beach Art Gallery
How are you supposed to leave Kenya without seeing, handling, and maybe even buying some of our artwork?
Some of Africa’s most exquisite works of art can be found in the Diani Beach Art Gallery.
Unique and unusual works of art created by gifted Africans are offered in this gallery at bargain prices.

3.A Visit To Chale Island
Chale Island is located directly in the middle of Msambweni Bay, 12 kilometers south of Diani Beach. The native coastal population uses the island, which is more of a heed place than an island, as a site of prayer.
It is a sanctuary for travelers looking for a more romantic experience thanks to its magnificent white beach that is exquisitely bordered by coral reefs.
From its well-equipped water sports facility to its intriguing boat  excursions, Chale Island ultimately has a lot to offer.

4.A Visit To Shimba Hills

Will I leave Kenya without even seeing any of the famous big five? I know this is one of the questions that come into your mind.

But worry not, Diani is home to East Africa’s second-largest coastal forest, Shimba hills. The National reserve is only around an hour drive from Diani Beach.

As you drive on the hills, you will get a beautiful view of local villages and free your mind from the constant water activities at Diani beach.

Some of the leading wild animals in this reserve include:


Sable Antelope

Genet, Leopard

Civet Cat

Waterbuck, Hyenas


Bush Pig


White Columbus, and Coastal Black.

5. A Visit To Wasini Island

Wasini Island, known by many visitors as “paradise on earth”, is located at the southern end of Kenya’s coast, and is a distance of around 1.5 km from the small town of Shimoni on the mainland.

A public ferry transports visitors to the island within a few short minutes, and yet it’s still one of the hidden gems of Kenya. Wasini island has the famous Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park within it.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is considered to be the most magnificent of all of Kenya’s marine parks. It covers an area of 39 square km and you will be hard pressed to find anywhere that can compete with the variety of beautiful fish species that can be found within the park’s boundaries especially famous for the dolphin spotting.

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