When travelling there are some things that a tourist should always keep in mind and they may include;

1. Learning at least simple greetings in the local language

One of the things to do as a tourist is make the effort to at least learn how to welcome residents in their language, regardless of whether you’re riding a motorbike across Vietnam or visiting to Egypt to view the pyramids. International travel entails overcoming language obstacles, and making a sincere effort to learn phrases like “hello” and “thank you” in other languages is a terrific approach to make friends in a foreign location.

2. Don’t do things you wouldn’t do at home e.g littering

Why do it somewhere else if you wouldn’t ruin your own backyard or vandalize your own house? Always have a waste management strategy in place when you travel. This calls for carrying a trash bag on hikes or simply holding onto anything you need to discard later.

3. Not to engage in illegal activities.

Just don’t do it, whether it’s using illegal substances, trespassing, or any other criminal conduct. Although it should go without saying, many visitors actually use their travels as an excuse to act irrationally and do whatever they want. The repercussions of breaching the law in another nation can be severe, costly, and even terrifying.

4. Travelling with an insurance.

Travel insurance is a must without exception. You might get sick or hurt while traveling, which can seriously ruin your trip. You could end up shelling out thousands of dollars out of pocket without travel insurance. Along with medical insurance, several businesses also provide coverage for airline cancellations or delays, and some of them give pandemic concerns extra attention.

5. Making friends with any locals.

Most cherished trip memories are making friends with locals. Many other travelers may relate to how valuable the friendships you have with people from all over the world are to someone. When visitors don’t engage with locals, they miss out on the chance to obtain a more in-depth understanding of another culture.

6. Having a flexible itinerary.

When traveling, it’s a good idea to have at least a loose itinerary and a list of things you want to do. However, keep in mind that circumstances like abruptly closing attractions, unfavorable weather, or other unforeseen events can cause plans to change. In case plan A doesn’t work out, it’s wise to remain adaptable and keep a backup plan on hand.

7. Researching about local customs and traditions of a place.

Do your homework on any traditions or conventions that might influence how you interact with people in your intended destination. e.g Is it impolite to point with your index finger? (In some areas, it most definitely is! Ignoring significant norms and traditions can result in an uncomfortable, even deadly, trip.

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