Things not to carry for a trip

Just as traveling,packing is also a learning experience. We always want to cover all our bases with the items we think we need, but as we get more experienced with travel and packing, we start noticing we are actually hauling more than what we really need. The factors are so much dependant on means of travel and the destination of travel. However some things cut across regardless of the destination and means of transport.

travel packing

Here is a list of things you should consider not packing for a trip, to help you pack light.

Jewelry and valuables-If you can’t imagine losing your expensive diamond ring/earrings/necklace or your Rolex watch,it’s better you leave them home since flashy tourists can become targets for thieves.Think of it, it’s better to not have them for a couple of weeks than lose them forever.if you would like to wear some jewelry, pack only a cheap but nice looking set that goes well with your outfit.

A Pillow-You’ll find that many airlines and trains offer pillows for free to use during your flight. If that’s not the case, wrap your jacket and/or some other clothes to make a nice pillow.When camping, you can also bundle some of your clothes to serve as a pillow. It might not be as soft as a fluffy pillow, but it does the job.

Bulky Towels-Fluffy towels are very convenient, but just at home. Carrying a full towel just doesn’t make much sense since it really takes a lot of space in your backpack and it takes forever to dry.

Extra gadgets-Don’t carry unnecessary electronic items: carry only important electronics. If a laptop or kindle is of no use on your trip, then don’t pack them in your luggage.

Things You Can Buy There-Unless you are going to an extremely remote place, it’s pretty sure you’re going to find Pretty much everything

travel packing

If your mode of transport is a plane don’t not carry the following

Liquids over 3.4 ounces (100ml) or liquids that do not fit in your one permitted liquids bag

Sharp objects [scissors]

Flammable liquids or other flammable items



Self defense items

Safety razors or straight razors


Toys that look like weapons

Sporting equipment that could be used as a weapon, such as bats

Tools over 7 inches long or tools that could be used as a weapon, such as saws or hammers

DO NOT OVERPACK!Pack destination specific, but don’t pack anything you’re not sure you’ll use. Also, this list is not absolute as we all have our packing priorities.We have a detailed post on things your travelbag should never miss

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