Lake Turkana, apart from being the most saline of Africa’s large lakes,it is quite remarkable for the colourful, ever-changing reflections that decorate its surface. The lake has three volcanic islands, of which South and Central Islands are national parks.It also is an outstanding laboratory for the study of plant and animal communities.

volcanic islands of lake turkana

It has three National Parks that serve as a stopover for migrant waterfowl and are major breeding grounds for the Nile crocodile, hippopotamus and a variety of venomous snakes. You’d be amazed to find out that not only the coastal line of kenya has amazing Sandy beaches but this great lake too! Eliye Springs,is a remote village on the western shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya, near the mouth of River Turkwel. It is located 50 kilometres east of Lodwar and 40 kilometres south of kalokol.This surely is the greatest place to unwind: It has a very laid-back atmosphere, endless palm fringed sand beaches, a massive sand dune from which you enjoy a panoramic view of Lake Turkana, and a lack of mobile network.

sandy beaches of lake turkana

This is the one of the best holiday destinations in Kenya could even be the best. An all inclusive of wildlife, sandy beaches, amazing views etc.

Some activities you could do in this area include boat rides, visiting the village, the Sundowner excursion where you enjoy the sunset, enjoying the moonview over the lake ,visiting national parks and desert safaris.

lake turkana

We have so many ways to get to the place but the easiest would be a flight from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi to Lodwar then a taxi from the airport to the resort.There are various options of accomodation with even the option of sleeping outside by the lake. We however would recommend the Eliye Springs Resort. Their facilities are really awesome having variety from the tents, manyattas, rooms and the Bandas. This ensures that whatever your budget, you are catered for. Their staff are very friendly.

enjoy the lake turkana sun

The best tour company you can use is Coral Sea Expeditions they help your trip to the place be less tedious and more enjoyable. If we pack tonight, we can leave first thing in the morning – no muss, no fuss.

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