Places To Visit While In Mombasa

 Mombasa is an ancient Kenya coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and white-blue colonial architecture. it is the oldest city in Kenya and a great place for a beach vacation with a perfect mix of activities you can choose to do from beach days to history to safaris.

Below are some of the places to visit while in Mombasa;

1.Fort Jesus Museum

One of the places you can visit while in Mombasa is Fort Jesus Museum. The Fort is situated in Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa along Nkurumah Road. Mombasa’s most well-liked tourist destination is Fort Jesus. The fort, which was created by Italian architect Giovanni Battista Cairati and was constructed by the Portuguese in 1593, has stood the test of time. It was built to provide security for the Portuguese community that lives along the east coast of Africa. Numerous assaults and hostilities have been able to escape the fort. Even for a short time, it was a prison. The fort presently serves as a museum and a major historical landmark.

Fort Jesus is now a museum where people may go to learn more about the tiny island and see some of Mombasa’s ancient structures.


2. Haller Park

Haller Park is situated near to the Bamburi Cement Factory on the North Coast of Mombasa, along the Mombasa-Malindi route, on the coast of Kenya. Popular among animal lovers is the Park. Dr. René Haller started this remarkable initiative, originally known as the Bamburi Wildlife Trail, in 1971 when he turned these closed limestone quarries into a flourishing nature reserve. Animals found here include hippos, zebras, waterbucks, giraffes, and Cape buffalo. A highlight is seeing the giraffes get fed, but be sure to check the times first. Mzee, a 130-year-old tortoise who adopted Owen, an orphaned hippo who became an Internet phenomenon, lived in the park with his famous interspecies partner Mzee.

3. Old Town Mombasa

Mombasa is the oldest city in the nation and has a rich, ancient history that dates back to 900 AD. The city has seen numerous external influences throughout its history as a result of its coastal location in the Indian Ocean, which has led to the development of its own unique personality. Mombasa Old Town, where you may stroll through the ancient alleyways full of old gorgeous yellow buildings that formerly housed Mombasa’s wonderful mixed population, is the best spot to view this tremendous transition. As you go through Mombasa Original Town, you’ll note that many of the old wooden doors that are still in use today have carvings that reflect an Arab influence. Several of the colonial architectural details throughout the Old Town have influences from both the British and Portuguese cultures.

4. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

A 10-minute drive from the Bamburi beach and 4 kilometers from the Bamburi Cement Factory separate the Nguuni Nature Sanctuary from the Kiembeni Road. Located within a short distance from Mombasa’s bustle.
It is a lovely artificial refuge that was included in the Global 500 list by the United Nations Environment Programme. The refuge has three different ecosystems and is situated on a hill 4 kilometers from the Bamburi cement factory’ main entrance. A variety of birds are drawn to open savannah, forests, and wetlands. Visit the location to enjoy a leisurely time watching animals, taking in the beauty of nature, and having a barbecue outside. Enjoy the outdoors, the flora and animals, the food, and the many activities the refuge has to offer.

They include game drives, a visit to the ostrich farm, elands & oryx farm, feeding the giraffes, taking a bird walk, bird watching, sitting by the campfire, and perhaps the most loved moment that of catching a glimpse of the exquisite sunset behind the Nguu Tatu Hills.

5. Mombasa Tusks

Mombasa Tusks have been shown in images and greeting cards, but what are they exactly? They are four enormous aluminum tusks that are situated in Mombasa in front of Uhuru Gardens. The tusks are also a well-known feature in Mombasa and one of the most popular tourist destinations there. Due to Princess Margaret’s planned passage through the area in 1952 along Moi Avenue, previously Kilindini Road, the buildings were constructed there. Mombasa was the starting point of her five-week trip to Mauritius and East Africa. The photographs can usually be taken and printed by local photographers for a fair price. Additionally, you are welcome to bring your camera to the location.

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