Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi Safari Walk is conveniently located on paved roads, only 7 kilometers from the Nairobi city center. The headquarters of the Kenya Wildlife Service are off Lang’ata Road.

With its elevated wooden boardwalk that offers visitors unobstructed views of the wild animals, Nairobi Safari Walk offers the best opportunities to come closer to the wild. The Safari Walk showcases Kenya’s parks and reserves and gives tourists a taste of what they may see all throughout the nation. The uncommon bongo, white rhino, and albino zebra, as well as big cats, antelopes, primates, and more than 400 different bird species, are just a few of the abundant animal life that can be seen by visitors in the country. Around 150 local tree species can be found there as well. The Savannah, wetlands, and woody forests are all accessible to guests during the Safari Walk. This is the perfect spot to take kids because they adore the opportunity to get closer to the animals than they will probably be able to in a national park.

The length of the Nairobi Safari Walk varies from 35 to 1 hour depending on the pace of the individual. You are welcome to take a leisurely stroll for as long as you like while enjoying the lovely environment and wildlife that can be seen from the boardwalk. You are permitted to take photos as well, so make sure you are carrying a reliable camera or that your phone is properly charged.

The park does not accept food. Don’t feed the animals either because they need a particular diet. If animals are accustomed to being fed by people, they may also become hostile.

Best time to visit Nairobi Safari Walk
All year round. Both public transportation and private vehicles make it simple to get to the park. Take a matatu to Ongata Rongai from the Railways Bus Station or a matatu to Lang’ata from the Bus Station if you’re traveling by public transportation.

Nairobi Safari Walk’s  Opening hours. 
Public access to the park is available every day of the week and on all holidays throughout the year. 9 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Sunday.

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