Mamba Village In Mombasa

Mamba Village the East Africa’s largest crocodile farm, is a “must see” while you are exploring beach vacation in Mombasa if you haven’t seen any crocodiles on safari. The crocodile farm, where these aquatic creatures are on display, is the most well-liked area of the estate and offers a distinctive experience.

Your tour of the farm starts with a video presentation that introduces you to a variety of reptile species and the important roles they play in global ecosystems. You will gain a deeper understanding of these extinct animals as you learn fascinating facts about the longevity of the species on Earth, the force of their bites, and their average lifespan.

Your guide will educate you about the crocodile life cycle and behavior as you tour the crocodile farm and see live crocodiles of all sizes, from hatchlings to fully grown adults. One of the most regularly occurring activities at the farm is the daily crocodile feeding, where the giants compete for new meat. Some crocodile displays are labeled with a description of age, length, and weight.

While the crocodile farm is the most well-known attraction in the village, visitors may also enjoy camel riding, horseback riding on the tiny estate, and even take lessons if they’re novices. Take a leisurely stroll through the botanical gardens if you have time before dining at the village restaurant, which serves a variety of game meats, including crocodile, zebra, ostrich, and many others.

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