Kora National Park

Kora National Park is located in Tana River County, which shares a northern border with the closest Kenyan city, Garissa. Famous wildlife conservator George Adamson, widely known as “baba ya simba” (Father of Lions), formerly resided in the National Park. This is where Born Free’s Elsa, the lion, lived. In the 1980s and 1990s, poachers were a significant issue on the old reserve; George Adamson was killed here by poachers in 1989. There are proposals to erect a lion sanctuary in Kora. The area’s pristine, untamed environment, which can be explored by any independent explorer, remains its main attraction until that day.

A number of parks and reserves, including Meru National Park, are connected to Kora National Park. In Kora, one can find all of the large safari animals that go across borders. The park shouldn’t be visited if you want to see wildlife in its natural habitat, though, as there aren’t many animals there because to widespread poaching. You might witness a variety of antelope species in addition to elephants, hippos, and hyenas.

The scenery of Kora is its greatest draw. inselbergs, or domed hills that seem to “float” above the landscape, cut through the unending plains. The stunning Tana River, which has a bank lined with gorgeous doum palms, forms one of the park’s boundaries. Among the features of the Tana River are Adamson’s Falls, Grand Falls, and the Kora Rapids.

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