Kiunga Marine National Reserve

The Kiunga Marine National Reserve is a stunning marine national park in Kenya that is home to a chain of about 50 calcareous islands and coral reefs in the Lamu Archipelago. It is a magical underwater paradise that is enchanted and beautiful. The reserve is situated in Lamu District, Coast Province, on the Indian coast, and it has a total area of 270 square kilometers.

There are different things in this reserve which attracts the tourist and they may include:

Marine life/ Species.

Marine life populating the reserve includes sea turtle reef, fish olive, Ridley Leatherback, turtles, rubber fish, butterfly fish, zebra fish, and scorpion fish among others. The Reserve is a wonderful environment for a variety of marine life species, including reptiles and fish among others. In the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, these lovely creatures can be seen glistening.

The Stream’s Islands
Kiunga Marine National Reserve is made up of a chain of 50 coral islands that are made up of ancient eroded coral and are located around 2 kilometers offshore but inshore of the bordering reef. These islands stretch to the main lands of Dodori and Boni National Reserve. Lesser kuddus, monkeys, bushbucks, porcupines, and wild pigs live on the islands.

species of arthropods/ insects.
There are a number of arthropod species in the Kiunga Marine National Reserve, including lobsters, sea stars, mosquitoes, and crabs.

The intriguing vegetation of the Kiunga Marine National Reserve includes microscopic marine plants, coastal scrubland, dugong grass, and mangrove swamps.

Seabirds that nest in big colonies go to Kiunga Marine National Reserve, which is also home to a significant number of crab plovers and nesting species include the roseate tern, sooty gull, white-cheeked tern, brown node, and bridled tern among others.

The islands of Lamu.
The Lamu Archipelago is a collection of hot, low-lying desert islands that extends for about 60 kilometers parallel to northern Kenya’s coastline. The interesting Archipelago includes Kiunga Marine National Reserve. The Lamu Archipelago is home to some of Africa’s most beautiful, unspoiled beaches.

Reefs and the ocean’s rain forests
One of the top tourist attractions of Kiunga Marine National Reserve are the coral reefs, one of the planet’s most intriguing ecosystems. The coral reefs are home to roughly a million different species of rare marine life/creatures, including battalions of minuscule sea anemone and microscopic polyps. Some of these critters can build a strong skeleton outside of their bodies, which is why it finally turns into stonu coral. These creatures only survive in warm oceans and are cloned together.

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