High Adrenaline Adventures In Kenya

Some people desire thrills and are addicted to adrenaline from birth. Their playground is the big outdoors, and they view wounds and scars as prizes from nature. Fortunately, Kenya provides such adrenaline junkies with a playground where they may frequently wear out their adventure shoes as necessary. 

Here are some of the high adrenaline adventures in Kenya.


Enter a noisy, doorless Cessna 206 aircraft, soar to altitudes of up to 12,000 feet, and then fall out! It’s definitely not a move for the weak of heart to leap from these breathtaking heights. The Skydive Diani has taken this a step further by installing oxygen systems in the powerful and quick bird that effortlessly slices through the hot and muggy Diani air, fly through the blue achieving terminal velocity of up to 200km/h in a 55-second free fall of pure exhilaration! Your fears will be calmed by a safe parachute landing on the Diani Beach and the picturesque, gradual descent from 5,000 feet above sea level.


If you’ve ever had a daydream of flying through the air like a bird while taking in the beautiful countryside below, then know you’re an adrenaline junkie! Stop dreaming and go to Kerio Valley to make this a reality. There is no age restriction and no prerequisite training or expertise needed to embark on a flight high above the earth by leaping off steep hillsides or cliffs.


You cannot truly consider yourself an adrenaline junkie unless you have scaled the 60-meter steel structure with the goal of leaping off the edge and into the raging Tana River. The wind blows against you like it’s tormenting you as you ascend to the bungee to measure your determination to jump. 220 steps later, you are at the top and in the jump cage.Observing the highest standards of safety your upper body is harnessed and an elastic chord is tied around your feet. As soon as you assume the ‘Jesus position’, you are ready to bungee! 


We should stay away from torrential rivers, especially those with swirling rapids and falls, as common sense would suggest. On the other hand, our sense of adventure will prompt us to ponder what it’s like to be thrown down a waterfall or swept up in a rapid as one with the surging river! The white-knuckle adrenaline rush that is waiting to give you this exact experience is white water rafting.


Oceanic water is abundant and thrilling in and of itself. Swimming has its limitations and may even seem too “safe” to an extreme adrenaline seeker. Now picture yourself riding a quick, nimble vehicle in open water and speeding quickly from 0 to speeds of roughly 60 km/hr. If in any way this sounds tempting, come out  and declare self a daredevil! Jet skiing is your thing! Get down to Mombasa and rent out a jet ski and zoom off into the vast ocean.


Quad Bike Safari Kenya

Nothing compares to the sensation of firing up a motorcycle engine, engaging the clutch, selecting the appropriate gear, and releasing the clutch as the giant bike swings into motion, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. Riding a motorcycle almost perfectly encapsulates the feeling of adrenaline. Exciting dirt bike trails can be found in many places. When giraffes and herds of wilder species hunt in the Kenyan grasslands, some tracks are clearly marked while others cockily tear through the wilderness. Hop on a buggy or a quad bike and compete with your buddies through the muddy or arid unexplored landscape!


You will be carried between two points by gravity while wearing a harness that is hooked to a cable that is 30 feet above the ground. There are two types of cable available: short and long. Depending on how you choose to enjoy your ride, the speeds change. Depending on your level of goodness or evil and the bustle of activity below you, you can feel like Santa Claus flying over chimneys on Christmas Eve or like a witch flying her broom in the middle of the night!

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