Diani Ranked as the Cheapest Beach in the World

Diani Beach located in Kwale County has been ranked the cheapest beach town in the world, according to a new global survey. 

Thrillist, a New York-based Company, polled expats and weighed in on the average cost of living across the globe to compile the list. 

According to the survey, Diani’s rent ranges from Ksh24,480 a night- hence considered an affordable adventure for both locals and foreigners

The research, however, pointed out that the price could go as high as Ksh244,800 depending on the amenities. 

“Diani is one of the most prominent tourist resort areas of Kenya. Rent starts as low as Ksh24,480 ($200) and goes up to around Ksh244,800 ($2,000) if you need a gated compound, a pool and more,” read part of the survey. 

The monthly cost of living was pegged at around Ksh61,200 to Ksh122,400.

Following closely is Canggu- a resort village located on the south coast of the Indonesian island of Bali. The monthly cost of living is factored on Ksh61,000 to Ksh171,500. 

Roatán, an island in the Caribbean, rounded up the top three list with a monthly cost of living pegged at Ksh69,825. 

Past Accolades

The beach town has received global accolades for its top-notch services in the recent past. In July 2022, Diani beach was ranked among the high-end coastal beaches in a global report titled 50 Best Beaches in the World. 

“With summer vacations just a hop and a skip away, we’ve all got one thing on our minds – the beach. So, for some seriously wanderlust reading, we’ve released our annual 50 Best Beaches in the World rankings using aggregated stores from previous media results, official Blue Flag locations and contributions from the Big 7.

“One of the most beautiful destinations in Kenya, Diani Beach is a private resort located on the south coast of Mombasa,” read part of the report

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