We are at a time of digital trading; goods are no longer sold in the shop but through codes which create spaces like Facebook, instagram and twitter. Today’s trader is not the usual lady at the counter or the kind gentleman allowing you to test all the pairs of shoes, and eventually promising to come back to the shop at a later day. In today’s shop, all goods are displayed onto your phone or computer screen and all you have to do is choose,then add to cart at the comfort of your home.

With all this changes comes the burden of payment. Payment to an unknown person creates a burden to the buyer. For the trader, releasing his products or services to a willing buyer, whose identity and reputation are unknown becomes a scary space to be in.

For this reason, the Kenyan government regulates and gives licences to tour firms that have satisfied all conditions to operate. Coral Sea expeditions is regulated and licenced by the Kenyan government and has up to date licences. With this we are to be trusted as a legit tour firm in Kenya. We also boast in having good reviews from our clients, whom we have offered various excursions to.

We welcome all adventure lovers to come and experience Mombasa and Diani through Kenya’s leading Tour Company in Kenya, “CORAL SEA EXPEDITIONS”.

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